What I'd want to do after coming home from work:
- build my gunpla
- play videogames
What I'm going to do:
- laundry

@piermingo I just shove it in the washer.. then do my thing while the washer does its thing. 2-3 hours later I take it out, depending on type of laundry I put it in the dryer or hang them up. Shouldn't take all evening? Or are you washing the laundry manually?

@trinsec it's 45 minutes for me. So my routine is dinner -> do the dishes -> set the washing machine -> wait for 45 minutes -> dry clothes. When I finish it's about 22.30 and I'm too tired to do anything else.

@piermingo 45 mins is enough to game or watch a programme, though? Or do the washing machine first, then during the 45 mins do the dinner. You have to shove stuff around for more efficiency, so you have a bit more freetime/breathing room.

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