Be the best version of yourself. I am the best version of myself and yet I suck at life.

This morning I played my first warhammer AoS match at my local GW store. It was just a tutorial against the clerk and yet I had a lot of fun!

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Flat origami is Turing Complete. (arXiv:2309.07932v1 [math.CO])

Yesterday I saw how much competitive some of my coworkers may be while I am more of a relaxed type of person.

Quando pensi di battere i vecchi ma loro sono cintura nera secondo dan di sveglia mattutina, campioni imbattuti di ritiro della pensione.

When they say the school or university don't teach you things you need for work, they aren't wrong.
Let's take digital signatures for example. You learn that a digital signature is a triple of algorithms used for proving authenticity and integrity of a file.
What is an actual digital signature when you work? Your full name plus info slapped at the end of an email or a PNG of your handwritten signature.

I was picking up an other's guy phone thinking it was mine 😅

What I'd want to do after coming home from work:
- build my gunpla
- play videogames
What I'm going to do:
- laundry

From today I'm a Service Now Product Specialist. At least, that's what is written on the contract.

I had to move to a different city, I'm starting my first job in two days.
Well, it's actually a three months internship, yet it's a big change in my life.
I'm nervous af lol.

When you do your first vim macro and it executes flawlessly 🎉

This made me chuckle. It's Italian but I wanted to share this board with you. Vito Volterra is humbled to meet four great mathematicians (Weierstrass, Cantor, Kovalevskaja and Hurwitz) and his face is priceless (last panel, on the left). Don't worry Vito, you're going to be more than worthy to be among them.
Taken from "La funzione del mondo".

My thesis's bibliography is becoming a bit redundant 😅 . I wonder if mr. Bernstein is on Mastodon.


Really cool to discover the itchio bundle for equality includes some pen and paper RPGs!

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