is normally seen as a privilege and not a reason to be afraid. But many people did fear freedom, Ms. Müller commented on the developments in Eastern Europe. The initial euphoria of finally being set free had soon worn off and evaporated, replaced in many places by fear. , she said, “is as complicated as freedom.” Adding momentum, organized fear is at the heart of all authoritarian regimes, which try to literally raise people to be afraid.”

@pj What a thought inducing post. Freedom means you're responsible for your own well being, if you're not accustomed to that, I can imagine that being a shock. I think that's a major problem in free societies today as well, is many citizens refusing to accept responsibility for many circumstances that are within their control. Great post PJ!


Thanks. I had similar sobering thoughts as well while reading this article.
There is also a book by E. Fromm on the same topic he wrote in the distant 1941:

@pj Whoa that looks like a great read! And from a unique perspective. Thanks a lot!

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