I came up with an concept like all the information of history, present and future, and the culture it constitutes, is an elephant.
Individuals are small, able only to touch a piece of the elephant’s skin and form their own views of the world.
The legs of the elephant are the nodes of the times, and we all know that times change, from quantity to quality.Unlike the rest of the thigh, those who touch it have a more unique perspective. :_stars:
This abstract, conceptual elephant can’t be caught.
BUT the Human Act like recording and disseminating information, is to connect people of different eras, and these people will constitute the essence of human society elephant, eventually become the elephant itself.

Maybe I’m going to expand on.

Do you have any views on this? :blobsmilehappyeyes:

Would like to explore it in conversation - join me anytime here ( is open invite too )

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