Anyone in the community feel like helping us out designing a landing page for us? I'm too busy to do it myself right now.


@freemo Superb super thanks for QOTO3!! (I'm trying it like the attached image, is the best superlative supremacy place.) Now I try to be making a landing(?) webpage ! (I had a hard time overlooking running the pipeline ) I thought it would be interesting if there was a place to put together (/explore etc?) the everyone's pages created this similar way. (But Everything may be unnecessary So as long as WE ARE USING :::))))

@puzzl yes I would love to add a list of projects we host from our users on the langing page, love the idea.

If you need help with the pipeline let me know I can point you to some examples on the gitlab server that compile webpages from static source.

I'm glad your enjoying it. Also if you see any issues with the translation in your native language please let me know.

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