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@freemo Superb super thanks for QOTO3!! (I'm trying it like the attached image, is the best superlative supremacy place.) Now I try to be making a landing(?) webpage ! (I had a hard time overlooking running the pipeline ) I thought it would be interesting if there was a place to put together (/explore etc?) the everyone's pages created this similar way. (But Everything may be unnecessary So as long as WE ARE USING :::))))

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I can't say it well in English, I guess how terrible you feel by arious problems as an administrator, Thank you :100a: 

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"all combinations of 4-bits" \(2^4=(1+1)^4=1+4+6+4+1=16\) like the rubik series (rubik clock etc) in the plane (For more information ). @mathst

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Now In the :disco_parrot: of , Once I logined with GitHub, but I was able to change my ID later! (I can Associated Google Account too.) There are many wondrful contents!

At the :nextcloud: of , I amn't changed from a automatic ID when logged in with GitHub on the other hand, but it can be distinguished rather. I'm Fine!→ I will try various! :kirby_happy:

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Nice to meet you! is so great.
I like using "Federated timeline" with hidden domains in "QOTO Default Theme" or "Material Theme (dark)" very much (like a image. In addition, Twitter button is ).
Furthermore, I am interested in "NextCloud" and "Discourse" of .
I don't know the details yet, But Many Thanks !

Hello World! Here's our first post. There will, hopefully, be many more to come.

If you're into any aspect of STEMA, philosophy, ethics, or hacking, piracy, making, copyright law, open source, GNU/Linux, or the gothier side of the night then this is for you!

The ring lemma:

New Wikipedia article on the ratio between sizes of adjacent circles in a circle packing, with associated new illustration for the worst-case construction.

A variant of the classic 15-puzzle, where the puzzle is coiled around a cylinder. Unlike the original, this version is solvable because of the extra connection between the first and sixteenth squares of the frame. YouTube:

An enjoyable problem (104.B) from the latest Mathematical Gazette: A regular 7-gon is inscribed in the unit circle, with one vertex at (1,0). Find the equations of the two parabolas, symmetric across the x-axis, which pass through the vertices of the heptagon as shown.

mathstodon,xyz is now running Mastodon v3.1.2.
I think the vast majority of changes are server-side.
See the release notes at

All of 's services have recently been upgraded to their latest versions. Let us know if you see any problems. Below is the full list of effected services.

NextCloud -

GitLab -

GitLab pages (including user hosted pages) - https://*

FunkWhale -

PeerTube -

Discourse -

Hi Fediverse 👋

a Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! 🙂

Sending out our love to all the admins, artists, bloggers, coders, designers, donators, moderators, promoters, translators, writers and further contributors to Free and Open Source Software and/or Copyleft Content - you are amazing ❤

Whose project, work or contribution did you enjoy the most recently? Let them know you care 🙂

For me, these are @fsfe for inspiring and @inkscape for enabling me to create this image 🖼


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#deletefacebook and get on #mastodon 

I've been using the chrome google translate extension for a few weeks now to translate foreign language posts in my feed. It has done an amazing job virtually every post seems to translate and the translation seems well enough to communicate and get the original intent.

How is this not a built-in mastodon feature!

@porsupah It would be nice if there was a comparison between the main line and the fork. I want to see it too.

The link for Mastodon Fork is here.

I am the author of one of the Mastodon Forks, Fedibird.

#FOSDEM happened! We just published a quick wrap-up of the conference and videos of all the talks :D Thanks once again to everyone who came to our talks and spoke to us :)

Woot the day is here! Afte over 2 years on the fediverse I finally passed the 10K follower count!




To thank my followers anyone this week anyone who follows my account is welcome to a free beer with me in Utrecht, Netherlands. Just send me a message to arrange it!

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