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@freemo Superb super thanks for QOTO3!! (I'm trying it like the attached image, is the best superlative supremacy place.) Now I try to be making a landing(?) webpage ! (I had a hard time overlooking running the pipeline ) I thought it would be interesting if there was a place to put together (/explore etc?) the everyone's pages created this similar way. (But Everything may be unnecessary So as long as WE ARE USING :::))))

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I can't say it well in English, I guess how terrible you feel by arious problems as an administrator, Thank you :100a: 

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"all combinations of 4-bits" \(2^4=(1+1)^4=1+4+6+4+1=16\) like the rubik series (rubik clock etc) in the plane (For more information ). @mathst

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Now In the :disco_parrot: of , Once I logined with GitHub, but I was able to change my ID later! (I can Associated Google Account too.) There are many wondrful contents!

At the :nextcloud: of , I amn't changed from a automatic ID when logged in with GitHub on the other hand, but it can be distinguished rather. I'm Fine!→ I will try various! :kirby_happy:

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Nice to meet you! is so great.
I like using "Federated timeline" with hidden domains in "QOTO Default Theme" or "Material Theme (dark)" very much (like a image. In addition, Twitter button is ).
Furthermore, I am interested in "NextCloud" and "Discourse" of .
I don't know the details yet, But Many Thanks !

"For the 5th year, Comic-Con International and San Diego Public Library will be presenting the Comic Conference for Educators and Librarians (CCEL), a free-to-attend conference that will take place during San Diego Comic-Con at the nearby San Diego Central Library from July 22 - 26."

Proposal acceptance (see link below) comes with a complimentary 4-day San Diego Comic-Con 2020 professional badge and a free guest badge.

#comics #libraries

@noellabo Thank you for explaining!
(By the way, As a client that can do something extraordinary "Timeline Viewer" with other servers, it has not been updated for a long time, but I like "Kurotodon" )

So I posted some questions on our discourse about how we want to use and/or moderate the QOTOJournal hash tag. I will repeat the questions here and leave a link to the discourse at the bottom for further discussion.

Does it have to be STEM specific or can it include other fields?

Does it need to have scientific integrity (Peer review) or simply be "serious"?

Do we enforce any sort of quality standards?

Should it be restricted to only sharing ones own work or can it be for anytime someone shares serious work from any source?

Do we limit the timeline we have built-in to QOTO to only display users of the Tag from our local server?

Do we put any limits to how often people can post to the tag?

What measures, if any, do we want to use to prevent abuse of the tag?

@freemo @QOTO

Provisional, data update...!

Type-1/Type-11 (APNG)

Type-2/Type-12 (non animation...)

I Changed unnatural transparent color of white(favicon image)...

Outdated icons may be displayed due to browser caching...💦











@freemo @namark @puzzl @mewmew Yes, there are some things that are difficult without going through your own server, such as block and mute processing.

The current implementation of Fedibird is a current design based on the ideas described above.

By the way, I have another idea for approaching a remote server. Please wait for the next function addition! :-)


Can't wait! We dont use fedibird as-is, but I do pull in your features and if needed modify, so appreciate it all the same.

For example QOTO has its local timeline unlike fedibird that eliminates it, we also added in local-only toots and a few other features. But I am very eager to see what else you add to fedibird and potentially pull it into QOTO, it has been a huge help!

Thanks again for all you do!

@namark @puzzl @mewmew

@puzzl @freemo @mewmew The solution is a relay and a Federation bot.

Relays are the perfect mechanism for exchanging the LTL we just want.

Federation bot is an automated program that follows all users found on fediverse in the way that does. However, this is an overkill approach, as you get extra information outside of the public post. Not all users can be found and are often refused to follow.

@puzzl @freemo
The "subscribe" function does not make API calls to other servers. Subscribe to only posts delivered to the server by ActivityPub. Same as FTL. Therefore, the LTL of another server cannot be completely obtained.

Mastodon does not generally use APIs for communication between servers. APIs are used to resolve communication between specific server software and clients. The server only uses ActivityPub and simple HTTP requests to communicate with fediverse.


As far as i understand this code (I didnt write it so I may be getting it wrong) thats not hwo it works. Remote instances provide an API point that has the entire local feed (the public part). As far as I can tell when you view the remote timeline here by pulling it up via the properties as its own column then it does in fact fill everything in, not just things from the remote timeline, but there is a bug and it does miss some stuff I think.

What you describe does apply too but thats only when you do it through Domain Subscriptions a seperate but similar feature we provide that works through filtering the federated feed instead.

@noellabo @namark

Our new are now up and live, everyone using Instance Trackers can now see our animated icon and QOTO colors! So cool
QT: []


@freemo @QOTO #InstanceTicker Provisional, data update...! MEDIA IMAGE 1 Type-1/Type-11 (APNG) MEDIA IMAGE 2 Type-2/Type-12 (non animation...) ...

@n0btc So yea seems they do have retweet and retweet with comment.

And yes I did hear before (though I dont recall from who or if it is true) that the reason eugene left off the features was as you describes.

Eugene is extremely opininated about mastodon, its his project so his right, I am welcome to fork it, and well, thats why I did, I want some features he doesnt, thats my right.

Users will use whatever they enjoy in the end.

One of our moderators @design_RG wrote this excellent article on the QOTO discourse server that explains all the new features in QOTO along with screen shots and a detailed explanation of how to use it. Its worth a read if your feeling a bit confused: has many nice FREE ebooks. Classic, public domain and newer CC licensed ones too.

Including a good selection of modern Sci-Fi books, Cory Doctorow’s titles and others.

Cory Doctorow’s titles on file there:

Nice site, recommended.

Just got confirmation from @miyon it seems the goto instance tag you all see locally will be accepted into the database in the next update. That means other instances that use the instance ticker will soon see the same colors as us and the same icon when seeing our own posts!
QT: []


@QOTO @freemo Hello. Nice to meet you. It me MiyonMiyon. The #InstanceTicker of an author. Thank you for using #InstanceTicker !! 😊 It will be ... new January 2020 Features Added - 6 - Quick View Remote Timeline.

This is something I have just discovered, as I prepared screenshots for a previous post.

It is similar to the "Domain Subscriptions" feature listed previously. But :

- It can be done from ANY post, and allows you to instantly open a column showing the originating Instance's Local Timeline.

- Done taking a look? Just back out of it, open any other timeline and move on.

If you liked what you see in their timeline, then you could consider Domain Subscribing as described at .

* Why would someone be interested in that?

- for diversity : the fediverse has a myriad of instances, and that means there's many different places. Some are big, some are small, many we can't even read the local languages, but it's fun to travel and see.

- when things get quiet at Qoto's local timeline... we open one of these and have freshly posted content from whichever instance we selected.

Isn't this snooping, or uncool, or frowned upon? No, not at all.

- we can only see posts that were made Public at their original instance.

- these posts will be Federated and will join the millions of others in the Home and Federated feeds.

* How do we open this Quick View into a Remote Instance ?

Reminding everyone that this feature is now available here at, and it will not work elsewhere (unless the instance installed similar modified software).

But, I was really surprised on finding it here too - even @freemo hasn't mentioned it, and likely is unware this is now possible.

- From ANY post in the Home or Federated feeds, click on the "..." Dots menu in their lower part.

- There are various options, some quite useful for controlling unwanted content (mute, report, etc.)

- And on this list we now find "*Open timeline*". (see screenshot #1)

- Voilá.. Click on that, and the screen will display a Full column of the remote instance posts; their Local timeline in fact. (see screenshot #2)

As shown in the screenshot, *we are still on the domain*, but the timeline displayed is from ***'s posts***.

That's it, simple as that!

Like it? See the instructions and Subscribe to their Domain if desired -->

** You can also see this post in prettier, easier to Read format at the Discourse Forum :

** Why, Prettier? Because.. Text formatting, Header sizes, Bold and Italicized text styles, Inline images inserted in the proper place on the text, that's why. 😛

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