another day, another server move, until i actually move to my own server, whenever that's ready.

here's me now: @pvinis

@ashfurrow Im on the right track. I have, but not moved there yet. seems like there is some weird "secure mode" thing I'm missing.
I know you have your own stuff in your mind, so feel free to skip this message. maybe rubber-ducking on here will help me :)

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@ashfurrow is your `LOCAL_DOMAIN` and `WEB_DOMAIN` set to ``? or web is that and local is without the masto part?

@pvinis You are welcome.

QOTO is a fork of vanilla mastodon with many unique features, as such we no longer track versions with mainstream mastodon, our version has no meaning compared to mainstream anymore. We pull in both new features and bug fixes piecemeal.

That said we do have a few features from vanilla that were newly added we plan to bring in soon, mostly minor things though.

@freemo, firstly thank you for hosting this server, and hello πŸ‘‹. secondly, whats your plan on newer versions of mastodon for

new mastodon account, who dis. find me over at πŸ‘

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