Today’s project: an powered VOC sensor above my cat’s litter box, to try and detect when she’s pooped.

I love her, but she can be a smelly girl. If I can detect when she’s gone, I can automatically dispense some air freshener!

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Hello! My name is JoAnna, I am a science writer (#scicomm) and science cartoonist (#sciart).

I cover a plethora of topics, including #space, #environment, #oceans, #animals, #earthscience and more.

I'm available for #commissions for pet portraits, illustrated figures for your #science paper or publication, or silly cartoons for your friends and loved ones.

Ya know, I don’t think I’ve EVER regretted doing my due diligence before sending a salty email.

Turns out my secondhand SAS drives aren’t busted — my RAID controller was just overheating with no top cover on the server chassis. Problem, uh, “solved”!

Starting my day off with a fun paper from University of -- feeling the pride! 🇧🇬

I have a lot of pride in my Bulgarian roots, and it makes me really happy to see some representation. And I have huge respect for places that don't have massive funding or resources, but make the science happen anyways.

(Disclaimer: My astrophysics days are behind me, so I can't critically evaluate the scientific content of the paper much)

IT News  
Scientists in Bulgaria may have figured out how to detect wormholes - A team of researchers at the University of Sofia in Bulgaria may have figured...
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Scientists in Bulgaria may have figured out how to detect wormholes - A team of researchers at the University of Sofia in Bulgaria may have figured out ... - #nextfeatured #science #neural

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Today’s project: I picked up a proper 12U cabinet, so I’ve been moving my server and from my IKEA Lack tables over to it.

Don’t have proper rails for the server because broke , but I’m test printing some brackets to mount it on. Not sure they’ll hold up its weight, TBD..

Also couldn’t resist setting up some LED lighting inside!

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#academic job opportunity, 2 year postdoc at Oxford, please boost!

We’re hiring a postdoc to join the Oxford #COVID19 Government Response Tracker project at Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government – lots of opportunity to shape your own research agenda and have policy impact.

Would suit many disciplinary backgrounds… #economics, political science, public health, etc.

#econtoots #econtooter #polisci #academia #academicmastodon #dataviz @economics @academicchatter

Aaaaand it's working! is now seeing my K10 . That was actually surprisingly easy.

Now to set up passthrough to a container, and do some benchmarks

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I'm in the Fediverse since 2019, but never did an #introduction so far:

I'm a #Linux #sysadmin, digital #forensics expert and #Debian developer. Programming in #Perl and #shell most time.

I insist on a #mechanicalkeyboard.

I like #Citroën #oldtimers (#2CV, #HY, #CX) and the #CityEl. I travel with #motorhome and #Brompton.

I'm going with #BikeToWork and like exotic #bicycle types: #foldingbike, #recumbent and #trike.

I am and always was a #nonsmoker. Have #asthma, though. I am #vaccinated.

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So I was looking at the #smartplugs I have at home, and ended up down a spaghetti loop which ended up with #homeassistant feeding #grafana data which made a dashboard which shows the #energy consumption on each smart plug.

I know there are many different and probably better ways of doing this, I learned a few things though..

#homeautomation #tech #homelab

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#homelab achievement unlocked: Qualify for r/datahoarder with 100TB of capacity in a Home NAS.

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So… this is my #cat #introduction. You’ll be seeing a lot of her. :ablobcatheart:

She’s 16 1/2 years young - She’s half #MaineCoon so she’s always telling me stories and looking for snuggles. :blobCatComfy:

She’s a natural therapy cat and always finds me when I need her. #MentalHealth
#Cats #pets #MastoCats

Do you also have a pet that is your world? :ablobcatangel:

I feel like any enthusiast knows how much fun a good benchmarking sesh is!

In this blog post, I share some CPU from upgrading my quad-socket to 4x E7-4870s

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