I'm working on the development of a calculator.
I wrote the code required to calculate the daily ratio and the ratio over a period.

Now I will have to create a web interface so that anyone can calculate its own and determine who is his Gustavino on Mastodon.

Sample output:


Alright, I kept working on the calculator and I was able to get the OAuth to work!!
Sure, it currently only works with qoto.org, but this was just an experiment to understand how the hell that should work.
I already made it so that it prints the table in a webpage.

Some CSS might help here...

Alright, so here, without a finished software I'll begin my call for help.
I obviously wish not to spend a single euro on this, I believe my time is already enough.

Soooo, does anyone have a server to host it or at least a subdomain to point at my server?
I could definitely put it on my old server, but a subdomain will be required as I would prefer not using my main domain.

@twisterrm tu qualche tempo fa hai mica offerto l'utilizzo di un dominio?
Solo che gustavino.61coj.one mi sembra un po' offensivo...

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The calculator has been deemed a good formative project in view of other works I'll have to do using Django.
Thus making the calculator is now basically my job.

Thank you @GustavinoBevilacqua, I'm now being paid to make a joke...

I'm open to collaborations with other research groups who want to waste some of their time dicking on Mastodon!

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calcular, here we are; it now should work with any mastodon instance.
I now have to make the tables render correctly and I might have a first publishable draft.

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The calculator is now usable.
It returns a page with a table.

Sure, it's not pretty and there's plenty of stuff to improve, but it'll work for now.

I'll try to upload it to my server so that other people can tell me whether it works

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I'm happy to announce that I finally published online the first version of the calculator!
You can access it here:
(Yes, sure... I'll add some ssl eventually)

Of course I'm open to subdomain donations for this thing...

It is not polished, but should kind of work...
If it breaks it breaks, don't really know all problems that could arise.
Oh well, take it as it is and if you find some problems let me know.

Usage: Enter the number of days you wish to analyze
Enter the url of you instance, including https://
Press the submit button

Log in your instance and authorize the application to read your stuff (I'm not storing any of it)
Wait for a while, it will stay on the authorization page for a while; this is normal, keep waiting.

A table will appear with your daily and the one of the whole period and the name of your Gustavino

For the people reading this and not understanding all the fuzz about this ratio.
The is the ratio of toots in you home timeline by the person who appears most often over the total amount of toots in your home timeline.
The name is Gustavino because @GustavinoBevilacqua gave me the idea of measuring this quantity, and I since discovered that he often accounts for 50% of the toots in my home timeline.

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I tried running this with the brave browser on the mobile phone and it doesn't work for some reason; with chrome it works perfectly.
I really have no idea, if you know better let me know.

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Sure, a bunch of stuff could be done.
Though I know nothing about semantics.

Eventually I'll put an option to allow me to store the results, so that I can do some further analysis, such as what's the relation among and insularity or number of followed people.

Right now I'll start without storing anything at all, so that the 75% of mastodon that is privacy conscious doesn't come to kill me and so that I don't have to set up a database

@rastinza Didn't work for me on Firefox-esr Threw a '500' error.

Alright, I identified the problem and this should be fixed; try again

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