Xmpp is the best solution for chat or social media.
Change my mind.

@ravenclaw if received way more community development then I could say this. It is decentralized, free of meta data, secure and anonymous. Well the last two may not be true unless this thing gets some much needed updates.

@Untersuchende well. I never heard about ricochet.
But i think self hosting xmpp server is enough.
Don't forget to make your server only accessible trough tor it's address.
Tell your "user" to choose the encryption they liked and you're done.

@ravenclaw ah ricochet is an interesting concept. It creates an onion site (whole separate concept) and each user has their own. Basically no server is needed just multiple contacts. Encryption is done through the onion technology as .onion websites/tech have its own encryption outside of Tor .
Can't explain in a toot. Check it out when you get a chance

@Untersuchende i just checked the github page.
It's sad that the project had been left abandoned for nearly 3 years. :ablobblewobble:

@ravenclaw yes. it is very unfortunate. It was a great project for us all.

@ravenclaw Thanks for telling me about this😍😍😍. I have never heard of this one before. I appreciate it alot!

@Untersuchende nope. It's still in an alpha stage.
I just letting you know that the project has a "reboot" :ablobjoy:
I could recommend some alternative depending on your threat-models.

XMPP is not a solution. Solution is a concrete server-client pair that you can start using right now.

@ninesigns That's what i thought :ablobdundundun:
There's a lot of server you can choose. Or even created it yourself.
Client ? Ton of it. Don't like it. Forked it.

@ravenclaw if you find usable xmpp pubsub client/server pair please let us know

clients :
Go read.
For chats i recommend using "dino" or "gajim" on desktop and "conversations" on android
Always use either otr, omemo or pgp for encryption otherwise all your communication is plaintext (if your server used an https protocol. It's encrypted on transmission. But still it's stored as plaintext on the server unless you used either that encryption method that i listed above.)
For sociao media use movim.
For further details read docs at

Server : sure provide server list.

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