Aight. I’ll be gone for a few days. :ablobcatheartbroken:
My internet connection just drop so freaking badly :ablobcatgrumpy:
I literally can’t pass 30kbps cap after using 27 GB-ish of data on their 7 dollars “unlimited” data plan.
(i know i know. It’s cheap, i shouldn’t have to criticize them for that. :ablobrollingeyes: )
I really hate my isp :ablobrollingeyes:
I guess i’ll see you guys in the christmas :ablobsmile:
Until then! I wish you all a really really great days, like for real, a really really really really great one. :ablobcatheart:


take care

awww. Thanks trinsec.
You too :ablobcatheart:

have fun

You too homies :ablobcatheart:

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