Just hang in there django. Let me finish learning css and html first. Then I’ll be back to you soon :ablobcatangel:

"Apparently" you can setup a local web server on linux using python (apache and nginx also a possibility).
I wish i knew all of this a whole lot sooner!!!!
I guess thats's what i deserve for not getting a new laptop and keep using linux
:ablobrage: :ablobrage: :ablobrage: :ablobrage:
My 4 years of linux "experience" results nothing. :ablobsadpats:

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So uh...
It's been a while since i used git.
So i try to refresh my knowledge.
Apparently if i set my key to "never expire".
And i try to do :

git commit -S -m "quote"

It'll reject me and output :

error: gpg failed to sign the data fatal: failed to write commit object
The only solution that works is setting expiration date for my key.
Which is strange. :ablobdundundun:

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Making a logo for my gitlab new profile.
Getting the base line was a pain using android. :ablobblewobble:
The concept was i combine my alias which
and making it
Look like
In vertical line and i'll put the N somewhere.

I did my learning process trough my mobile device with help of "termux app" and "spck editor app".
"Termux" for git stuff.
And "spck" for reviewing the site.
it get's the jobs "done" but switching app on qualcomm 4xx series was a pain.
My old laptop cpu is fried
(silly me for keep pushing it to the limit by doing a lot of distro hopping and building my phone kernel from source)
And my main phone (poco f1) is suddenly dead.
I really need to buy a new laptop. :ablobblewobble:

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