take care

awww. Thanks trinsec.
You too :ablobcatheart:

have fun

You too homies :ablobcatheart:

Aight. I’ll be gone for a few days. :ablobcatheartbroken:
My internet connection just drop so freaking badly :ablobcatgrumpy:
I literally can’t pass 30kbps cap after using 27 GB-ish of data on their 7 dollars “unlimited” data plan.
(i know i know. It’s cheap, i shouldn’t have to criticize them for that. :ablobrollingeyes: )
I really hate my isp :ablobrollingeyes:
I guess i’ll see you guys in the christmas :ablobsmile:
Until then! I wish you all a really really great days, like for real, a really really really really great one. :ablobcatheart:

After reading a lot of docs. (Can’t cite a reference. Sorry. I accidentally deleted my browser app data that contain a few site that has a lot of related information)
The answer to this question is “you can”
As long you got the kernel and device blob source code for the phone you’re using.
But this would be a tedious task :ablobblewobble:

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@hansw @theamazingweb
i once had a trip with my uncle and his family back in 2018. They are vintage as hell (pardon me for the expression) :ablobbounce:
Anyway. we travel to huge city looking for a vacation spot. Rather than using google maps.
They brought a full map of the city we’re visiting and tell me to be their guidance based on our current position on the map. (Google maps are huge thing ever since it got released with the navigation system)

I’m like “holy hell, you guys still doing this ?”
I said it since they always do that ever since 1980. At least that’s what my mom told me.

And last time i go on a trip with them in Q2 of 2020. They still do that :ablobblewobble:

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I'm really on the fence as to whether I should feel bad about the sucker who bought this...


The internet is no less safe

Indeed it isn’t. I always think that internet is as real as so called “real life”.

don’t give enough credit for their capabilities.

Yep they do, it’s a basic human rights afterall. But those “irresponsible” people are the problem, they are the one who’s causing all this problem.
Should we take action? We always did most of the times given the opportunities regardless whether it’s happening on internet or in the “real” world.

The world has risk but that doesn’t convince…
…from the world

Should internet became more transparent like “real world” does or should we banned the access to the internet and real life for those who’s worsening the condition ?
That would violates other aspects of human right.
Sheesh it only more problem to the cause.
Damn those social theorist!!! /s
:ablobcatgrumpy: :ablobcatgrumpy:

but hey thats just my opinion

It’s all good Mr. Freemo :ablobgrin:
It’s not like that i’m trying to convince people otherwise anyway.
My intended goal is to seek what’s the “lesser evil”, since i think there would be no definite answer to what considered as objective on social topics.
So cheers! :ablobcheer:

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Sparse encoding for more-interpretable feature-selecting representations in probabilistic matrix factorization. (arXiv:2012.04171v1 [cs.LG]) arxiv.org/abs/2012.04171

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Stochastic optimization with momentum: convergence, fluctuations, and traps avoidance. (arXiv:2012.04002v1 [math.OC]) arxiv.org/abs/2012.04002

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ATOM3D: Tasks On Molecules in Three Dimensions. (arXiv:2012.04035v1 [cs.LG]) arxiv.org/abs/2012.04035


sorry finally getting to reply here.

It’s all good Mr. Freemo :ablobgrin:
It’s still surprise me till this day that people internet have different timezone it’s a reminder for how big this earth actually for me :ablobhop:


cautious around stranger.

^^^ This.
Agreed without doubt.
Teaching kids to be cautious when talking or interacting towards someone they didn’t know, is indeed the the best if it’s not the best way make them safer regardless of any context.

The problem tho’.

  • Internet tends to make a person (even adults) fall into false sense of security. Which will definitely make them to act as they please regardless of how it may affect their personal life or even their mental health state.
  • Internet also a place full of ads and commercial which i think it’s not a great place for a kids to be roaming at and I think targeted advertisement towards children are not ethical in the first place either.
    ((Television is also full of this junk and the only way to bypass this issue is by buying a subscription (that’s what happens on my country, at least).
    This is why i also hates them. (Slight oot))).

As long as people in the internet still act

Internet tends to make a person (even adults) fall into false sense of security. Which will definitely make them to act as they please regardless of how it may affect their personal life or even their mental health state.

^This way.
I wouldn’t want my kids to get exploited (bullying is one of the form)
by some irresponsible person for expressing his innocent argument. (Because i never want them to be there in the first place)
And i’m definitely doesn’t want my kids to be exploited by targeted commercial either.

Until those issues get resolved.
I think it’s safe to say that Internet really isn’t a safe place for a kids to be around Mr. Freemo. :ablobowo:

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Some secrets to longevity (in case you too stupid i'm gonna share this with) 


it’s about “luck” too. Lots of it.
Indeed :ablobdundundun:

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