@freemo @SecondJon @realcaseyrollins I'm definitely going to miss it! 😞 But thankfully gameliberty.club federates so I will still be able to see you all!

@SecondJon @realcaseyrollins A combination of a thread of mine, while within the bound of #QOTO's rules, proving to be problematic for the #QOTO community and admins, in addition for the potential of my own reputation to unfair bleed onto #QOTO and cause instances to unfairly ban it.

I remember the thread, and remember thinking : Well that escalated quickly.

I really like the Be Excellent to Others, and Seek to Understand ideals of , but have stopped myself from posting multiple times expecting something like that might happen if a toot rubs someone the wrong way. Then I saw it happen with your toot that day.

I have considered creating another account where I can post more openly, but so far I haven't wanted to leave QOTO, nor maintain multiple accounts.


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