Well hello peoples!

I'm a science geek but not a scientist. Host of the Science on Top podcast, a skeptic, and a sci-fi buff.

I'm very new to tooting.

@reallyedbrown Great to have you here! We have people from all ends of the spectrum from scientist to fan. Can't wait to see your posts and I am sure you will love it here at .

@freemo Cheers! It's a little overwhelming at first, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it!

I have followed a number of friends from Twitter. Many of whom are on different instances. Will I see them in my home feed here? Or do I have to log on to each of their instances?

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@reallyedbrown You will see them in your home feed. Thats the beatuy of mastodon. It is federated and you can follow whoever you want across instances. They can also follow you.

Moreover whenever you post something it shows int he federated feed of all your friends instances too, so LOTS of people hear what you have to say. Unless you choose to make the message private of course.

@freemo Ahhh! So the Home feed isn't What People Post In This Instance, but it's what all people i follow post?

@reallyedbrown Correct, Local is all the people of the instance, federated is all the people everywhere (sorta)

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