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How to migrate from one Mastodon server to another without losing followers:

1. Sign up on new server
2. On NEW server: Go to Account -> Moving FROM another account
3. Enter old account's handle
4. On OLD server: Go to Account -> Moving TO another account
5. Enter new account's handle and submit


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Hello all!

I'm a Group Leader at HHMI Janelia Research Campus working at the intersections of , , , , , , . I work on using computer vision, machine learning, and technology in general to help us gain insight into biology. My most cited work involves tracking and behavior analysis of flies and mice. I love algorithms and trying to understand how and when they work and what they're good at. But also I'm an engineer and want to solve problems however I can, regardless of elegance!

I like sunshine, being outside, , and . I dream of someday leaving it all behind and moving to Bishop or Yosemite or the Rockies or something.

Lab website: janelia.org/lab/branson-lab
Publication history: scholar.google.com/citations?u
Github: github.com/kristinbranson/

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