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We should really be asking why gas prices are still so damn low given that we're driving the planet over a climate cliff.

The experience of going to the post office feels like it hasn't changed in over a century… Between modern supermarkets with self-checkout machines and the ubiquity of ATMs in banks, post offices just feel absolutely archaic; like I'm stepping back into an old butcher or greengrocer

Started a new hobby this year: basketry. This is my fourth attempt, and first that I'm truly happy with. Still doesn't have a flat bottom, but oh well

Each Tory prime minister is worse than the previous. On the one hand I hope Boris goes this week, on the other hand I cannot fathom what ghoul'll replace him.

I just don't understand people who make off-hand comments saying that the Queen has never worked a day in her life. I'm no monarchist but I think she's had a very demanding job. Do people think meeting ministers and diplomats, meeting the public, and attending events is all fun? Not a job I'd ever want

I have never understood why online store given an option to filter by colour, but not by a myriad of other far more useful options. This gift I'm trying to buy, I don't care whether it's aimed at a toddler or a middle aged bloke, whether it's big or small, as long as it's blue. That's all that matters; that it be BLUE.

I wonder if there was a point in history, after the invention of pottery but before refined oils, where every recipe would have required rendering animal fat or toasting a nut paste to fry, or whether cooking just wasn't as developed in what would have been some time around the late neolithic

Typical. Any discussion of banning weapons of war isn't even had because it's so futile. Instead, the proposed solution is more surveillance of our communication. Would anyone blame the postal service if these messages had gone via snail mail? Then don't turn the blame on facebook.

The new tube map is an absolute disgrace. Everything, literally everything in this country is for sale. The Santander bikes and Emirates cable car were bad enough, but to put corporate branding on the official tube map. Harry Beck is rolling in his grave today.

TIL That one of the Conservative members of the House of Lords is the grandson of Clement Atlee, the post-war Labour PM that gave us the NHS. Their family motto is literally "Labour conquers all".

Today's been a scorcher and it's killed all my seedlings. Now I'm sad.

Why doesn't Joe Manchin just deflect to the GOP already -- if you're not going to vote with the party why even be in one?

The Channel 4 series, Surviving the Stone Age, is one of the best things I've watched on broadcast TV in a very long time. Absolutely fascinating to think of the countless people throughout history that lived such lives

I'm seeing a consistent theme of documentaries including bits of drama (even sex scenes) and reality-style conflict amongst participating experts, presumably to make the genre more appealing to the masses. Not a fan.

Northern Irish politics is so confusing, and it’s absolutely shameful how little it is discussed/taught in schools here in England

A virtual DOM is essentially a data structure that abstracts over modifications to another data structure simply for performance reasons. It's just a way of modifying some data in memory and then committing all of those changes in a single transaction. The very fact that this is actually a reasonable solution given the tools available just goes to show how broken the tools are. The whole computational model exposed by browsers is completely out of touch with how it's being used. For example, why isn't there a language construct in JavaScript inside of which all DOM manipulation isn't propagated to the rendering engine? Instead we build a virtual system inside of a virtual machine to achieve the same, and then wonder why things are so clunky.

It could have a “talk” mode and a “command” mode so that typing “spell check my homework” into the talk mode would suggest that you could type “read homework.txt | spellcheck” into the command mode

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Here’s a thought: could we make programming more accessible by merging the power of the command line with the approachability of virtual assistants?

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