Fixed a bug in Scary #COVID Data thingy:

Rolling average used to be calculated with the selected day being "centered" in the averaged period, leading to weird results for last few days.

Now it is calculated with the selected day at the end of the averaged period, meaning first few days are weird, but everything else makes sense.

Also: bumped maximum rolling average period to 31 days, enabled even-day average periods, and updated population data:

@robryk will be happy about that and so am I. Thanks!

@timorl @robryk ah! You were the reporters! Credit where credit's due - thank you for reporting the bug in the first place. Let me know if there's anything else that is not up to spec.


@rysiek @timorl It seems that all values I can get the graph to show are rounded to integers. That makes sense for all of them, except for values per 100k/1M people. The quantization of those causes logscale per-population graphs to look very staircasey, see e.g.,per100k,da

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