I always pronounced Gemini as "Gem-uh-knee" and today a friend pronounced as "Gem-uh-nigh" so I went to check on the dictionary and it had the latter as the correct one. WHAT?!

I was pretty sure all the documentaries I watched used "knee" - I went back and watched some again, there it is.

Then I found this posted by the NYT.

I'm assuming the protocol is also pronounced with a "knee" given it's name was inspired by the space program.

@rodolpho It is a Latin word, and in my view the correct pronunciation is the original one -- the one you used.

I remember cringing on hearing a work colleague, who was knowledgeable in her subjects, refer to a variety of Pine -- Pinus Nigra (or black pine, translated), and MANGLE the Pinus as "Painus". Arghhhh.

Go try to tell anglos that is not correct.

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