@rodolpho the quotations from Novotny are pretty shit as far as explaining what she's up to, but it's not "plain text" that's a barrier, but the LKML and the email/patch-based workflow. seems a weird place to focus though for the stated problem

@2ck In the article I noticed how the focus was more on the workflow, but the criticism was focused on the plain text nature of the workflow.

And I might be getting too old to handle pure criticism from someone without putting their skin in the game. If the plain text is the issue, maintain a service which converts to plain text and offer it to newcomers. If the tools are the issue, then write better ones. Example, Linus writing git because BitKeeper had its issues.

Without good proposals and skin in the game, the criticism in received a lot more like disrespect (for what has worked for so long) and looks like a power-grab move.

@rodolpho You mean because Novotny isn't a kernel dev? Yeah, I get that. At the same time, kernel devs have the power here. If a new solution doesn't work, they'll just keep using what does.

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