I can’t seem to find any way to get a flu shot for my 2 year old without going to a pediatrician (we don’t have a pediatrician in the area yet, since we recently moved). Pediatricians won’t give the shot unless you are a patient, CVS won’t do it, urgent care doesn’t do vaccines.

This seems less than advisable for a public health measure. I’d think that for something like preventing a kid from being a vector for a deadly disease, you’d want as little bureaucracy as possible. 😕


@pganssle have you tried travel clinics? They usually stock vaccines and do one-offs for family trips.

@rodolpho No, that’s a good idea! (I didn’t even know these things existed.)

I’m going to call my insurance and see if they offer any options, if they can’t help, I’ll try the travel clinic.

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