@dajbelshaw I am not familiar with blogchains, but interested to learn more.

On the technical side, how do they work? My main challenge is letting people know there is new content. Doing it new post by new post I understand, but adding to an existing post? That has me stumped.

Day #096 of and I reflect on a new piece to commemorate Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


Twitter is uniquely poised to lead on interoperability and federation; though they are very large, they are dwarfed by their major competitors, Facebook and Wechat. What's more, Twitter was initially built for federation, with wide, generous APIs that facilitated interop.


@basil extraordinary! The way the shockwaves hit after the visual of the blast... terrifying.

@markosaric what's that saying... plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery.

No, wait... that can't be right.. umm...

@dajbelshaw very well said.

Without a solid grounding in how to read critically, it is all too easy to be swept up by the predominating narrative and buy what is being sold without testing the product.

Day #093 of and I muse on life under lock down and when Victorians may be late abroad again.


Free licenses actually can't make software completely free. Software can be protected not only by copyright, but also by trademarks, design rights and patents.
The perfect illustration is Tinder. Let me just show you IP protection of Tinder in US.


#IP #intellectualproperty #copyright #trademark #patent #design #designpatent #Tinder #FOSS #freesoftware

@dajbelshaw during 100 days I have been accumulating a steadily growing list of these.

@basil @dajbelshaw perhaps. But for some people, the more south they go the more northern they get. 😉

@basil @dajbelshaw

Doug, much as Epictetus taught that philosophy is a way of life and not just a theoretical discipline. You showed that food is a way of life also.

Basil, couldn’t care less about dessert? Just another example that civilisation only extends as far north as the Watford Gap services... 🙃

Owners of web services often don't understand this, but the text of the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy is intellectual property. Although most of these texts are very similar, this doesn't mean that unauthorized copying of them (even with minor editing) isn't an infringement.

If you have no objection to copying your texts by other people, don't forget to add this notice and refer to some kind of free license.

#copyright #intellectualproperty #IP #privacypolicy #freelicense #cc

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