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Users cannot avoid a hack like this week’s by strengthening their password or using two-factor authentication. Instead, Twitter must provide robust internal safeguards—starting with end-to-end encryption.

I am trying to add an image after all external links on my site. That I can do, but I can't seem to style the svg for dark and light mode. In fact, I can't style the svg at all. It is just the default black.

The code I am using is:

display: inline-block;
width: .9em;
height: .9em;
fill: var(--main);
content: url("/images/external-link-alt-solid.svg");
border: none;
background: none;
margin-left: 0.1em;

I thought that the 'fill' element should change the color of the svg, but it seems to be having no effect.

A solution would be appreciated.

On discovering some apps 'break' when using a VPN:

Friend: VPN ruins everything.

Me: Privacy invasive apps ruin VPN.

wow, look at the rich details of #OpenStreetMap in comparison to #GoogleMaps:
while Gmaps looks like a work with MS paint, OpenStreetMap shows you a full construction plan incl.lifts, ticket vending maching, public telephone, recycling container, rubbish bin and also so many many more shops in the building:

(Train station in Bern, CH)

Day #072 of and what started with the shortest of posts, snowballed into a longer piece as I warmed to the subject of autonomous workplaces.

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