why does sam altman always look like his soul got sucked out by some kind of red skull nazi time portal?

my dad found a pretty wild medical text at a local charity shop

well, got one dvd burned. waiting on some new discs to do the others. in the meantime, putting the dvd covers together. difficult to find cases in stores nearby, so had to cannibalize some old wii games and movies

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today i’m working on my back. standing desks aren’t just good for standing!

this week, the kei truck hauled:
- antique bed + mattress
- couch + large cat condo
- dresser, desk, chairs, shelves, misc (helped family move)
- several hundred KG of cement + forms
- corner display hutch

haha wow — the ivy that covers the wall outside is making its way inside!

wish i’d gotten a shot of this raven spreading its wings, but it looked like a badass medieval omen up there

after years of wanting one, bought a used roli seaboard off a local reverb guy, and it is so fun to mess around with!

found an old photo of myself from back when we were recording the false heroics “salvation navy” album. i miss that cardigan!

guess my photo of the dosa didn’t get uploaded somehow. check out this big ol fella!

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friends gave us tickets to the blue jays / royals game tonight at the skydome. ultra nosebleed sears (only two rows behind us) but still a surprisingly good view, and probably not as loud since we were above/behind the speaker arrays

the foundation appleTV series is surprisingly good! loved the books as a kid. it's been a while, so not sure how close it is to the source material, but it feels well-written, well-acted, and it's visually stunning.

please sir, do you have any old memes or tweets saved you could spare? [dickensian puppy dog eyes]

home depot parking lot. two 4x4 pickups with the same bed size. which way western man?

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