today i’m working on my back. standing desks aren’t just good for standing!

@alan oh, you mean in addition to abortion, not instead… i dunno though. whether and how to end human lives (and how to define them) will always be controversial, i think, and it’s not as if it’s that big a split statistically between men and women on the issue — like single digits difference if i recall

@alan hm, can you expand on this thought? it would definitely make the book less controversial, but would that affect society?

@schizanon i felt this way about “web activity” (despite knowing they were using it to profile me for ads). for years it was a great way to find that thing i’d forgotten to bookmark or see what i was doing on a given day years ago, and then one day i realized most things i do don’t get recorded there anymore. “timing” mac app (and “rewind”) help with that now at least, but i have to make sure they’re running, and mobile support isn’t as good.

trying out the pro trial of mona for mac, and it’s a nice client! especially now that i have the (temporary) ability to tweak the theme colours.

@mike i have that for certain eras of photos of my kids. i think it’s especially times where i wasnt present enough as a dad, but it does get better — especially once i realized that’s what it was and started working on forgiving myself for that (and doing a better job of making sure i dont have the same regrets when i look back at photos of now!)

@levisan wait, no—grade 4 actually. i was in canada for grade 3.

@levisan in bangladesh we had rifle training in grade 3! (americans ran the school.) dont know that i’ve had the opportunity to shoot a real gun since ive been in canada though.

@mike oh i think i remember matrix now — it was gonna be like a fediverse-ish slack replacement originally? think i was listening to a podcast by the creators, but it’s been a while, if im even remembering the right project.

@mike privacy as the main thing yet still nice to use and is good at group chats, attachments, etc. default end-to-end encryption, no apparent backdoors govs can exploit (basically it’s what telegram pretends to be)

@Noupside fwiw, i used to be like this, but am pretty sure it was some chronic nutrient deficiencies, which i derided at first as i ate pretty healthy (i thought), but i get better really fast nowadays since supplementing vit d, magnesium bisglycinate, omega 3, some amino acids, occasionally zinc + b vitamins, (and making sure i get good red meat and vegetables more often.)

@a11yMel i’ve only ever attended ones i paid for myself, but that has affected my choices for sure! i’ve never paid more than $250 for a ticket, i don’t think.

@schizanon it is weird, even if the slur didn’t exist! nigeria too. and the guineas sorta as well. in niger’s case in point wonder how much continued french colonial presence had to do w the name staying

@schizanon interesting! i don’t know if i’d correlate counting with the results though. seems more like the crows matched a pattern of caws to a specific result, but not necessarily that they are counting the caws per-se. still cool!

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