I'm dismayed at some of the people on the #left throwing shade at #decentralization as "some #libertarian noise." Like, this is literally people #seizing the #means of mass communication, and these people are opting to side with the #profiteers because apparently it turns out the #proles are actually scary.
The ideal socialist condition would be independent communities self-governing and engaging in mutual aid. How the hell does #Twitter fit that model even *remotely* better than #Mastodon?


@ssfckdt remember are - they conflict with both the and - but they also align on many things, e.g. happy for decentralisation to include mutuals (but also allow the other side). However history has many socialist experiments ending in central control, i.e. not content with their own mutual, they want to force/shut down others (hint: it doesn't work, they go underground).

I just find it weird that Musk wants to make Twitter open source and connected, and that made people jump ship to the fediverse (which is open source and connected). I think the acceleration is a good thing, just strange.

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