So deep learning turned out to be buzz word for artificial neutral networks.

Happy New Year 🎉 May the new year be filled with contentment and health for all.

Picard management tip: Operating a complex system is challenging enough even with trained staff. Don’t fire everyone. Copied from Picard Tips

Ok so I gave .org a run. Its website states that it is an "AI trained on humanity's scientific knowledge". To me it didn't seem to run too well and the outcomes weren't too impressive. Maybe it needs to train more and harder. Perhaps, HIIT might work.

Day 5 of in foreign languages. A jackpot! A poll in Dutch. 100% woo hoo!

Answering foreign language day 4. Can I un-answer? 😾

Day 3 of answering non-English . No progress today, as I couldn't find a running poll. As a compromise I answered programming polls about things I have never heard of. I chose Scala over Rust. Primarily because it sounded like Scylla, as in Scylla and Charybdis. The name Rust was as exciting as... well, Rust!

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The second season of our - Online Seminars on - is about to start: check out the program at this link
and in the meantime you can watch the eight episodes of the first amazing season on our yt channel

Day 2 of in foreign languages. Today I responded two polls one was in German and the other was Scandinavian. Apparently, I was making better choices in Korean and Chinese yesterday. Today's tally was 58% and 50%. My curiosity level as to what I answered is also much low, 5% perhaps. Go figure!

You beauty!

I still have to get a hang of the themes and learn markdown

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The slowest peer review process in any scholarly field is organisational behaviour and human resource management. The average peer review process takes over 322 days. The process takes 94 days in structural biology.


There are four types of i.e., prescriptive, descriptive, predictive, and practice. We can argue that there might be a hybrid theory as well. One that emphasizes that it might not be as straightforward as it seems to assign a theory to an ideal type.

hmmm... answered several this morning that were in Korean and Chinese (I read neither). Each submission showed me 100% except one that showed 75%. Now I am wondering what I answered 🤭

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Project Zero's Thinking Routine Toolbox
--> 'A thinking routine is a set of questions or a brief sequence of steps used to scaffold and support student thinking. PZ researchers designed thinking routines to deepen students’ thinking and to help make that thinking “visible.” '

A national holiday tomorrow. Hump Wednesday looking excellent!

"If the human brain was complex enough to understand itself, then the human brain would be too complex for it to understand itself" (Musings of a drunk friend, circa 2001 on a terris in 04:00 hrs)

The you decide to follow is going to vary by the situation you find yourself in. Three possible situations are , , and . In uncertainty, the strategy is i.e., soft systems, action research, and post-modernism. For risk the strategy is contingency, which includes stochastic modeling, non-linear dynamics, and master equations. Lastly, for certainty the strategy is operations. Here the focus is on self-organization and criticality (Maguire et al., 2006).

I have no idea what a master equation(s) is! Or maybe I need a coffee

Time to head over to the chemist reduces social pain

DOI: 10.1177/0956797610374741

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