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Technology Integration Specialist for the largest independent high school in the United States. It's been a long time since I posted a "hello world" style message to introduce myself!
New to Mastodon, obviously, and looking for my community!

Do you, like me, peek at what a presenter has pinned for extensions?

Here is my updated list of what I have pinned:

No endorsements, just sharing explorations.


Trying to get the issue of academic misconduct right leads to a lot questioning.

I just posted an analysis on generated (AI) writing over at :

Mey key point is that we need a principled and deep understanding of academic integrity, and that can be provided by a commitment to truth. Accordingly the source of misconduct is "deceit", and not the nature of the text itself. We need to keep in mind however, that we are unlikely to be able to detect all such deceit. Therefore we need to build a collaborative framework of education. Creating an academic work ought to be as enjoyable as writing your own diary.

I just added 2 pages to a collective site on "AI in Education"

1-My Google Drive folders full of resources
2-A 'Let's Tok About It' collection of videos

Lots more there too - check it out


I have to say, CatGPT is scarily accurate. Machine learning has come a long way.

Interesting to see policies begin to take shape across platforms -

Use of ChatGPT generated text for content on Stack Overflow is temporarily banned.

This is a temporary policy intended to slow down the influx of answers and other content created with ChatGPT. What the final policy will be regarding the use of this and other similar tools is something that will need to be discussed with Stack Overflow staff and, quite likely, here on Meta Stack Overflow.

Overall, because the average rate of getting correct answers from ChatGPT is too low, the posting of answers created by ChatGPT is substantially harmful to the site and to users who are asking and looking for correct answers.


"So you want to replace workers with AI? Watch out for retraining fees, they're a killer
Who said workforce development was just for humans?"

" of things that's often missed in these conversations is the need to retrain these models regularly or risk them aging into irrelevance, particularly in rapidly evolving environments like the news."


: Helping Students Learn, Saving Teachers Time, and Why Now

WEBINAR this Fri, 2/3 - 3:00 pm ET

Register for this ISTE Community Meetup

Feel free to share this link with others...ISTE Meetups are open to all!

Control Alt Achieve LIVE -

📆 Join me tonight, Monday, Jan 30th at 7pm EST
🔗 EdTech links of the week
▶️ Live streams on YouTube, Facebook & LinkedIn
✅ All details in link above

#ControlAltAchieve #edtech #GoogleEDU #edutooter @edutooters @edutooter

Happy Friday!

It's the last day - DAY 5 - in the 5 for 5 email drip series!

Q: How can educators leverage ChatGPT to their advantage?


And, as promised, the last day brings access to the slide deck - link on slide 2 of presentation.

"How to... use ChatGPT to boost your writing
The key to using generative AI successfully is prompt-crafting"

My 5 for 5 email drip series for our high school faculty continues - Day 3 is all about the challenges and possibilities.


"Adapting College Writing for the Age of Large Language Models Such as ChatGPT: Some Next Steps for Educators"

Writing this with the amazing Lauren Goodlad of
@CriticalAI helped me clarify what I support out of all the possible courses of action.

What do you think of the suggestions?

#AIED #AIEthics #GPT3 #LLMs #HigherEd

This is a big deal.
I wonder how this changes how their products are used in the workplace, how that changes education needs, and how will Google keep up?

🔗 EdTech Links of the Week -

💬 TalkingPoints
📖 Storyvoice
🗺️ History Maps
🍽️ BeanBeanBean
🤖 AI Writing Detectors
🖼️ Google Slides Photo Words - Advanced Webinar
And more!

#ControlAltAchieve #edtech #GoogleEDU #edutooter @edutooters @edutooter

Happy Friday!

My 5 for 5 email drip series for our high school faculty started this morning.

You are welcome to follow along -

For 5 mornings an email goes out and there will be new information available in the presentation.

At the end of the series (Fri, Jan 20) - I will open up the slide deck for anyone to make their own copy.


I have updated the slide deck for "AI - A Discussion for Education" this morning. At some point I will need to restructure this deck, but it is still a great place for you to start. It is a fast-moving topic.

Tomorrow (Jan 13) I will be starting a 5 for 5 email drip series for our high school faculty (5 days, 1 email per day). It's an AI and ChatGPT in EDU primer of sorts. Once that gets started, I'll share the link so you can follow along - and at the end I'll share the slide deck for those that may want to use it within their own schools. Stay tuned for that.


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