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Technology Integration Specialist for the largest independent high school in the United States. It's been a long time since I posted a "hello world" style message to introduce myself!
New to Mastodon, obviously, and looking for my community!

New blog post on the AI in Education website - Be a fly on the chat wall and see what resources are being shared in the backchannel!


🔗 EdTech Links of the Week

🦶 Giant Steps
🗺️ Reading Treks
📜 Untold
🏆 Top 100 EdTech Influencers
🧰 Free Media Resources for Projects
🐟 One Fish, Two Fish Activity
💥 SPARCC EdTech Conference
🤯 Google Chrome Can Do That?!
📰 What's New in Google

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📢 What's new in Google for Education -

From our Feb 2023 GEG-Ohio meeting:
✅ Detailed agenda
▶️ Recorded video
📰 Latest #GoogleEDU updates
🧰 Helpful tips & resources
❓ Q&A

#edtech #ControlAltAchieve #edutooter @edutooters @edutooter

I am finding it really helpful for educators to have the chance to talk to each other & learn together about . My goal is to give you that opportunity as we look at how this works & what we can do with it as educators. Curiosity over fear!


Interesting items to ponder...

Who defines when an idea is 'stupid'?
And if that idea is just along the continuum of design to a better end result, who is to say the starting idea is not worth pursuing?

Because personally, I would purchase guacamole from a drone right now if I could - take my money.


Hello @edutooters and @edutooter

Someone asked me last week about the Big Google Sheet of Education Mastodontists.

There it is:

(well, the blog post on how to use it, technically)

"The tricky part is that ChatGPT and chatbots like it are designed to make use of a very influential human cognitive bias that we all have: the tendency to view things which are not people as people or at least as being like people"
Yes yes yes yes
Absolutely agree with Bret Devereaux's very sensible post
Found via @hawkwing_lb

@azajacks howdy! Find tutorial in my profile links. When you post, always add hashtags like #education #edtech #teachers and tag groups like @edtech @edutooters @edutooter @googleedu to connect to folks across different Mastodon instances. You can also search on hashtags, then follow those searches as if they were people.

▶️ We can now view the posts on any Padlet as a slideshow! Click the Share button and click Slideshow (or add /slideshow to the end of the padlet's URL).

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Opportunities from ISTE's AI Explorations:

Online course: ONLINE COURSE
Free AI Explorations 8-week, 15-hour Online PD Course

Higher Ed Fellowship: AI Explorations for EPPs Fellowship for Higher Ed Faculty and Staff

Webinars (check list)

Do you, like me, peek at what a presenter has pinned for extensions?

Here is my updated list of what I have pinned:

No endorsements, just sharing explorations.


Trying to get the issue of academic misconduct right leads to a lot questioning.

I just posted an analysis on generated (AI) writing over at :

Mey key point is that we need a principled and deep understanding of academic integrity, and that can be provided by a commitment to truth. Accordingly the source of misconduct is "deceit", and not the nature of the text itself. We need to keep in mind however, that we are unlikely to be able to detect all such deceit. Therefore we need to build a collaborative framework of education. Creating an academic work ought to be as enjoyable as writing your own diary.

I just added 2 pages to a collective site on "AI in Education"

1-My Google Drive folders full of resources
2-A 'Let's Tok About It' collection of videos

Lots more there too - check it out


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