You beauty!

I still have to get a hang of the themes and learn markdown

@sgul Ooh a fellow Obsidian user? Now undoubtedly you'll get in touch with Dataview someday! ;)

@trinsec Hi! Started today. Data view you say? I'll check into it over the weekend 😊

@sgul Dataview, quite an advanced plugin. If you have some basic SQL commands knowledge it might feel familiar.

But if you're still new to Obsidian.. maybe first get the basic knowledge down pat first.

Until you decide you'd rather want to make a movie database!
Or books database!
Or whatever collection you have!
Then Dataview will come to the rescue. ;)

@trinsec Right, got it! Thank you for your guidance. I have a lot of papers and books that could be candidates for dataview. But I'll go at it as suggested :-) Cheers!

@sgul I'd suggest to already get familiar with YAML (front matter) and to categorize/standardize notes that way. It'll help out a lot in the long run when you go use Dataview. :)

@sgul I love Obsidian! I have it linked with my Readwise account. So great!

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