Are you Pakistani? Are you a terrorist? The questions Muslim children face at school

Stereotypes about the Muslim community have entered into classrooms and playgrounds, seeping in from the polarising rhetoric prevailing in the larger world of politics, society, mass media and social media

Magazine | Pakistani or terrorist? The questions Muslim children face at school:

@shibaprasad wow! If you search Rohini Sight tweets she talks of a 6 year old Zoya. This moron is spewing venom using a 9 year old Zoya. Salil Thripathi was spewing venom using his mother... In short everyone is an expert in spewing venom & you are peddling this nonsense. The least educated like you can do is leave kids out of your agendas! But no! Btw I have never come across a parent who does not let his Hindu child shy away from a Muslim ones. The Muslim parent is always guarded!

You are a so called "Liberal" and you are calling another least educated because he doesn't share the same view on one thing as you. Great going!

Whether you like it or not, the divide is pretty much there and deep rooted in the society. I just highlighted that with a toot and you, a so called liberal got triggered. Great going Sir. 🙏

@shibaprasad who is refusing there is a divide. When you have 2 religions there will be a divide. As for bearing a liberal I soak in view from all sides & decide. Where have you presented evidence to prove the nonsense you peddled? Not a shred. And then to bgive sermons to me he side! LOL. Don't blabber about my liberalism. You are a bloody bigot pushing this nonsense without proof. Just like you pushed suicides & consumer spending! I have evidence for both while you can only blabber!

@TheSecularOne What nonsense! I even presented articles which cited about Suicide rates of farmers and data insufficiency.

Then you said, Farmers suicide is just like normal suicide. And we need to see how it is fairing against the normal suicide rate. At that point I thought it is worthless to carry on the conversation. If Farmers suicide is like normal suicide then why the Data hasn't been presented for like, 4th year in a row?

Anyways you want data, you got it explicitly here:

Over 12,000 Maharashtra farmers committed suicide in 3 years: Government.

Now what category of people belonging to a normal profession has done that? IT? Core? Government? Please present your data. And keep in mind the statistics is only of Maharsthra.

@shibaprasad I said 2010 or 2011 had the highest suicides. Go check data and paste here. You will realize it's much lower now. I also said find overall suicide rates and see how much more Farmer suicide percentage is and you come back with same data again. Data should not be seen in isolation. You need a reference point. I gave it to you. Again to me farm loan waiver was a bad idea & BJP did that when they came to power! They paid the price in recent elections. Good!

Obviously data needs a reference point. But seems here even the reference point is subjective. For me it is 0 to 12,000. For you it is lower than 2010 for your whataboutery.

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