Are you Pakistani? Are you a terrorist? The questions Muslim children face at school

Stereotypes about the Muslim community have entered into classrooms and playgrounds, seeping in from the polarising rhetoric prevailing in the larger world of politics, society, mass media and social media

Magazine | Pakistani or terrorist? The questions Muslim children face at school:

High time Parents and others become more aware of these kind of incidents. Let alone disturbing the harmony, it slowly plants a poisonous seed among the children. We should be better than this.

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@shibaprasad High time you folks stopped peddling this nonsense. Parents atleast Hindus don't teach their Children's anything about religion... Muslims do so stop whining here and go advise your Muslim friends ! LOL!

No one peddling any nonsense. And it is great if you haven't taught any nonsense to your child. Continue doing so. But you or me don't comprise the world or the nation. The thing of hating someone for having a different religion is a cultural/educational thing. And it is pretty much there.

@shibaprasad hating someone for a different religion which I agree happens but is different from teaching your child to hate others which is what I termed nonsense cause Hindus don't even teach their Children slokas these days while Muslims make them learn Qur'an that is full of hate for other religions! So don't come here and try to preach by shifting goal posts and making Hindu some sort of a Devil!!


I am not making Hindus any devil. The so called Devils are from two sides. And your statement about "Hindus don't even teach their children" is so wrong on so many levels. You're acting like a nincompoop who is in complete oblivion.

The great thing about Hindu Religion is its diversity. A Hindu from West Bengal has a completely different religious perspective from a Hindu of UP. You can't say Hindus don't teach this or that because of the large bandwidth of differences we have in culture and everything.

@shibaprasad Extra-territorial loyalties need to be guarded against ... if you are not with us, you are probably against us and we need to take guard ..

I couldn't get what you meant by guarded against Sir. Could you elaborate a bit.

@shibaprasad Prithviraj Chauhan let down his guard and acted generously towards Mohd of Ghor ... and you know what happened next

@shibaprasad wow! If you search Rohini Sight tweets she talks of a 6 year old Zoya. This moron is spewing venom using a 9 year old Zoya. Salil Thripathi was spewing venom using his mother... In short everyone is an expert in spewing venom & you are peddling this nonsense. The least educated like you can do is leave kids out of your agendas! But no! Btw I have never come across a parent who does not let his Hindu child shy away from a Muslim ones. The Muslim parent is always guarded!

You are a so called "Liberal" and you are calling another least educated because he doesn't share the same view on one thing as you. Great going!

Whether you like it or not, the divide is pretty much there and deep rooted in the society. I just highlighted that with a toot and you, a so called liberal got triggered. Great going Sir. 🙏

@shibaprasad who is refusing there is a divide. When you have 2 religions there will be a divide. As for bearing a liberal I soak in view from all sides & decide. Where have you presented evidence to prove the nonsense you peddled? Not a shred. And then to bgive sermons to me he side! LOL. Don't blabber about my liberalism. You are a bloody bigot pushing this nonsense without proof. Just like you pushed suicides & consumer spending! I have evidence for both while you can only blabber!

@TheSecularOne What nonsense! I even presented articles which cited about Suicide rates of farmers and data insufficiency.

Then you said, Farmers suicide is just like normal suicide. And we need to see how it is fairing against the normal suicide rate. At that point I thought it is worthless to carry on the conversation. If Farmers suicide is like normal suicide then why the Data hasn't been presented for like, 4th year in a row?

Anyways you want data, you got it explicitly here:

Over 12,000 Maharashtra farmers committed suicide in 3 years: Government.

Now what category of people belonging to a normal profession has done that? IT? Core? Government? Please present your data. And keep in mind the statistics is only of Maharsthra.

@shibaprasad I said 2010 or 2011 had the highest suicides. Go check data and paste here. You will realize it's much lower now. I also said find overall suicide rates and see how much more Farmer suicide percentage is and you come back with same data again. Data should not be seen in isolation. You need a reference point. I gave it to you. Again to me farm loan waiver was a bad idea & BJP did that when they came to power! They paid the price in recent elections. Good!

Obviously data needs a reference point. But seems here even the reference point is subjective. For me it is 0 to 12,000. For you it is lower than 2010 for your whataboutery.

@shibaprasad again you are lying. I did not say farmer suicides are like normal suicides. I will never toot in ignorance like you do. All I said was find out total suicide percentage & look at farmer suicide percentage and I suspect... I used that word .. suspect it will be more or less same... So I was speculate while you are lying plain & simple & I don't appreciate lies !!


That's what I said in the last toot. In Maharashtra alone 12,000 farmers committed suicide in 3 years. That's approximately 11 suicides per day for 3 fricking years man! Of one profession, belonging to one state!!! You can't be that naive thinking it should be close to total suicide %!

@shibaprasad I don't know the total suicide percentage. If you know do put it out. It's being ignorant & that is different from being naive. Anyway I did your job. Suicide dramatically decreased from 2009. Explain that !

@shibaprasad btw 2009 is showing more than 17,000 suicides. This is a 30% drop from there!


The number 12,000 is only for one state sir ji in 3 years! And 17,000 in 2009 isn't! 😐

How to extrapolate that? When there's a change in external conditions?

Even when only Maharshtra alone there is a case of 4000 suicides, which is only 1 state and approximately 30% of the data available last, then don't you think the mathematical model would see a huge change of parameters in order to extrapolate?


All this could have been avoided if the correct data would have been released honestly. But...well. 👍

@shibaprasad lol. Look without data you peddled that crap. There are 100 things I don't like what Govts do but that doesn't mean I push crap. It has become a fad these days. Anyways farmer suicides are down from 2009 is a fact that got established. So see you till next time 😎😎👍👍

Yeah it is fad, if it contradicts your POV.

And yeah your sentence is incomplete. Farmer suicides are down from 2009 upto 2016.* And as we have seen, only 1state contributes what is like 30% of total suicide of 2016. So doesn't need much rocket science to understand it has gone down or up since 2016.

Anyways. 👍

@shibaprasad no POV here. I will speak imon data & made assumptions based on data while you folks cooked up data !!

Lol. Never cooked up any data. I also made assumptions which were more reasonable in line with the trend. But yeah, you opted to be in oblivion. So fine with me. (Y)

@shibaprasad where did you out forth your assumptions ? Anyway suicides are less than 2009. So Govt must have done something better! Agree & move on !

@shibaprasad and when I say Assumption it was based on historical data & your cooked up data 😂😂😂😂

@shibaprasad looks like everything goes for a toss. 2016 saw 2,30,000 suicides in India... 12,000 for farmers. So as a percentage it's very very low for farmers !!

@shibaprasad in 2009 it was over 5k. Need to figure out what Maharastra farmer eats. At my place farmers without 50 bucks go around saying my land is worth so many crores 😂😂😂😂

@shibaprasad so I am doing all the work you are supposed to. Anyway as per thi link 2016 saw 1.35 lakh suicides in India. 12,000 are farmers. Now half of India is involved in agriculture. Even assuming 25% it should have been 135/4 or 34,000 for parity. Fact that it's 12,000 as per you means less farmers comnit suicide than normal Indians. Now go tell this to those who write the crap you peddle !

@shibaprasad here check this Wikipedia link. There is a graph. Suicide has steadily gone down since 2009. Now go figure!


It has. But after 2016 no data has been produced. So we don't know. And by the looks of it, it should be quite high currently.

In 2016, 11370 Suicide cases were noted. And it is been said, in Maharashtra only, assuming the mean, 4000 has been committed. Surely adding the rest 28 would see a huge surge in the number? Specially when TN was hit with a crucial water crisis.

Source of the image:

@shibaprasad No need of Sir even sarcasm when you can't even prove a point and jump to another! Not one you tooted that came on my TL can you prove. Not one. When I present you with data you run away. The fact that I have an answer for every point of a poison like you proves my liberalism. If you can prove one point do so! Don't blabber nonsense ! 😂😂

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