Firefox kept on hanging whenever I leave it for few minutes idle. Don't know why!

So tried using Waterfox as per the suggestions of @design_RG

So far it has been pretty smooth! It feels like Chrome is built on Firefox!

@shibaprasad Hello, and thank you -- just starting the day and I am happy you enjoyed it.

The "Current" version of Waterfox is super fast for me too - and it's not a Google property (with all consequential surveillance on you at all times).

I use it on Android phone as well, although right now the app is not showing in the Play Store.

The android one also supports add-ons, and I have the same ones I use in Windows installed on it too.

- uBlock Origin

- a password manager

- and Bypass Paywalls (to read online news that normally lock you out after a few articles read.)

Bypass Firewalls is NOT listed on the FF Add-ons directory, as the Media companies would have a fit. Get it here:

Very easy, one click install. :thumbsup_hmn_h2:

And Waterfox -- the home is at

Get your choice of :

* 'Classic' (the default, if you use the Download button at front of the site);

* "Current"-- this is the faster version, released once a month. Currently, October release, based on FF 68.0a2

Windows 64 Current, Direct link:

@design_RG Thank you again!

Now I changed from Classic to Current.

One last question, whenever I will add a new bookmark in The waterfox account, will it be automatically added in Firefox too? So that I can access it later. Because in Mobile I use FF.

@shibaprasad Wonderful, if you liked the Classic version, you will love Current.

You CAN keep the two at the same time -- they install in separate folders by default, and don't interfere with each other. You need to reinstall Add-ons on the second version, then it's ready for use.

If you use the Synch option and login with a Firefox account, your bookmarks, settings, will be updated and can be accessed from any other Firefox installation; desktop or mobile.

It's a great feature.

@design_RG @shibaprasad I look forward to try waterfox on Android once the dev put an updated apk up on their website. Shame it got removed from play store.

@Rovine @design_RG Why was it removed though?

Are you using it in PC/Laptop now?

From the digging around I did, looking for the reason, it seems it was Google's miscommunication causing it.

The program name changed from one version to another, the most recent. Sadly it's not on F-Droid either. 😞

WE could try sending some messages in Twitter.

The developer, Alex, is a single programmer taking on the whole project, and now with two stream releases in desktop versions.

He might just have put it into the back burner, for now.

@shibaprasad @Rovine Got a short reply from Alex to my Twitter post; he said he's still trying t ofind a way to fix the distribution problem.

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