Another half marathon distance run this morning (14+ miles total). That's 6 in the last 7 weeks. Feeling pretty good considering I couldn't jog a 5k 3 or 4 months ago.

Most of these half marathon runs have been in sub freezing temporatures. Not sure if that makes them easier or harder. Certainly seemed easier when I went from Colorado to sea level for one of them.


@SecondJon How did you prepare for Half Marathons?

I was also in the same state, currently I have jogged 6.5 km and could go upto 8-9. 10k is the next target and hopefully I will be able to do it in January.


I started by walking a 5k every day. I'd jog a little and walk a lot. I started going further once per week, and started jogging more than walking. By the time I got up to 7 miles /11km, I was only jogging /running, no walking. At that point I pulled up the Hal Higdon marathon training plan linked here. 4 runs per week : short /medium /short /long.

I went up to 17+ miles then cut back and am basically doing 4 runs per week, about 5k/10k/5k/rest/half marathon/rest/rest. With warm up/cool down its 4/7/4/14 miles.

I think I'll add one more mile to my medium just to round out to 30 miles per week.

Thanks for it. Will try to follow that.
Do you do something for core strength?

I don't have anything regularly for that. I am adding some weights, but am experimenting right now with a few options.

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