Except Reddit (Boost for Mobile) I like using Desktop web version for almost all social media outlets. Is it only me or anyone else feels the same?!

@shibaprasad No, but I find the desktop interfaces to be much more user-friendly in general than the mobile interfaces.


I use the web version and prefer it usually, rather than installing a dedicated app for it


No, in more general I just prefer web versions of websites rather than there apps


Although there is a trend going on among user for using dedicated app and one of the reason why phone with low specs phone started to hang so often

@inditoot Why you're saying so? Why Phones would hang because of using dedicated apps? Is it because there would be more Cache Memory?


Most apps try to run in background which kind of put more load on the system

Apps Like Clean master is more of an bloat than a memory cleaner

@inditoot Aah! Makes sense.

Yeah! Never liked Clean master and all....Useless ads and no additional effective measures.

@shibaprasad @inditoot I am completely on the desktop, laptop, Real computer preferred field.

There's just no way I could even think about doing what I do on a mobile phone with any apps. They have a place as light and compact devices, but don't work well for content creation - exception being in taking photos.

I do use a mobile when travelling light, and an ipad min for the slightly larger 8" screen. But if I travel and want to keep in touch and do real posting, I will be taking my newly purchased 12" Thinkpad. Power and smaller, lighter.

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