Loving my new homepage and new page tabs! Tabliss extension on Waterfox.

@shibaprasad Looks very nice, great tast in Browser!!! :smo_mario:

I took one just now, showing my own Waterfox and the many tabs in use. Plus one thing I wanted to suggest you.

I learned years ago that I love placing the Taskbar at the LEFT side (or Right side) of the screen, instead of default, bottom edge.

Rationale? It frees up some much needed VERTICAL pixels, for reading, which are at a premium with the widescreens we are forced to use those days; not much option for new ones in 3 x 4.

@design_RG That's a good suggestion!

I am also changing it for a trial run

@shibaprasad Awesome!!

I thought you would see the advantage on the screenshot. Way to go!

@shibaprasad I have added a few new nice Add-ons to Waterfox and am happy with them.

Theme for an upcoming new blog post?

Yeah, adding to the list on my clipboard (the real world, paper sheet variety one; keep two handy around my work area to jot reminders of ideas and to dos, etc.)

Snapshot for the article now ready!

And yeah! Would love to read a blog post on Add ons!

@shibaprasad I will work on a post, but not today, there's already another topic I have notes prepared.

There are so many add ons, it's nice to see people explain which they like and why; we might discover some nice ones that way.

A post on that topic wouldn't be too hard to do, if I stick to the ones on the snapshot, describe each and have a link to their Mozilla page. Tempting!! LOL...

The other topic I have in mind is more complicated and I need to reflect on it to build the post

@shibaprasad LOL....

I did it. Yesterday even. Seemed a lot easier than my other, on the boiler topic which needs more research, thinking.

I am pretty happy on how it came out, and the Stats show it's been a hit so far.


you have been mentioned and credited, this thread is linked in the post too. 😄

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