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My earliest memory of self awareness was at a 1st grade parent teacher conference when Mrs Adler told my folks that I was a gifted child and my dad said “nope, pretty sure we paid for him” and Mrs Adler stared at me sympathetically.

Wow. Rest in peace, indeed. 🙏🏾 #BobbyCaldwell
Bobby Caldwell has passed away. His most recognizable song is "What You Won't Do For Love". His voice was so soulful that people to this day think he's a black man. His record company used that to their advantage by purposely removing his photo from his album cover. RIP Legend.

A Proud Boy kept his job as a Pentagon intelligence analyst after he joined the Jan 6 mob storming the Capito, even as he amassed a huge arsenal of weapons and began to think about kidnapping Jewish leaders and others he considered an existential threat.

PERIOD Act from Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA30) would ban federal funds from public schools that require athletes provide menstrual cycle info, as Florida considered.

DeSantis is punishing the Hyatt Regency Miami for hosting a Drag Christmas ball back in December. He’s actually taken away its liquor license.

DeSantis is out of control, obsessed with oppressing freedom and gender identity expression and willing to abuse state power to do it.


Umm, have you ever tried MAKING a kid do ANYTHING they don't want to do?
Every single day, for YEARS?
That they're going to get teased and probably bullied about?
That involves going to a therapist and doctor and talking about uncomfortable topics?

We're not talking taking ballet lessons here, or playing a sport, or learning an instrument, or doing their homework. This is every single time they put on clothes. Every single time someone calls them by their name. Every time they talk to their friends. Dealing with uncomfortable encounters with strangers. When the alternative is ... just doing nothing. Go with the flow, be like 90%+ of their friends and classmates.

By blaming Pence for the Capitol riot since the VP didn't throw out valid electors, Trump unintentionally admitted that Jan. 6 was (as has been obvious) his own fault.

Here’s what the app looks like when I started listening to KVAN. It’s a worldwide radio station streaming service. In you can browse by moving the circle target anywhere in the world. Or you can search by several filters.

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Done For Today

Texas puts a bounty on people wearing clothes that don't match their gender at birth. Drag or trans, doesn't matter. $5,000 for the person who reports them. This is fascism coming to life.

Meta handed over a user’s messages about accessing abortion medication to law enforcement. This has been happening since before Roe was overturned.

Remember that time a Trump supporter took out a gun and was ready to shoot trans rights protesters in the head in the capital of California? No? Probably because it happened only two days ago and the mainstream media is completely covering it up.

An Ivermectin Influencer Died. Now His Followers Are Worried About Their Own ‘Severe’ Symptoms.

REMINDER: The only reason there is an FDIC that protects $250,000 of accounts in banks is because FDR and Democrats in Congress enacted it in 1933. If it was up to GOP, there NEVER would be this protection. Same goes for Social Security and Medicare: ALL Democratic policies!

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