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If armed bank guards can’t stop a killer before he kills, how do they expect armed teachers to?

Wow! I saw an EV today. Well, a hybrid. I once saw a Prius here years ago. Today I saw the first Chevy Volt I've ever seen. Times are changing here in West Virginia, where EVs are not a thing. Here it's Dodge RAMs and Challengers, and hot-rodded vintage muscle cars.

(File this under "How Middle America lives.")

My father volunteers at a preserved World War Two “Liberty Ship”, the John W. Brown, docked in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. These ships were built “on the cheap”, with only 5-year expected lifespans, and using late-1800s steam engine technology (fueled on “Bunker C” coal)! Their primary purpose was to transport supplies, and later, personnel. Very few remain, and this one’s kept as a floating museum. Dad helps out with the radio room and similar equipment. (More in Alt Text.)

You folks were super enthusiastic about my posting more on Mastodon, so let's try this.

RT/boost and let's see if there's interest in a regular #Ukraine thread!

Kyiv remains in Ukrainian hands.

For the last year, I've been tracking a notorious Russian unit known for its role in killing 100s of civilians.

This past month we published how we found them.

We told y’all it would happen, and it is happening. Women are being forced to carry to term, and deliver, fetuses that cannot survive. For anyone wondering, anencephaly is a condition where the brain partially or fully fails to develop — there is either very little brain, or none at all. These babies cannot survive, because they don’t have a brain.

Speaking as an anesthesiologist that's spent more time in labor and delivery than most non-obstetricians will spend in their lifetimes, I cannot stress this enough: innocent people will die if mifepristone is outlawed. And it won't be in a few weeks or months— it will happen within hours. Judges should not be practicing medicine. Full stop.

Musk's attacks on Mastodon went unanswered because Mastodon is decentralized, not monolithic. But Substack is monolithic and this smells like slander to me:

It has been known for 2 decades that Clarence Thomas is thoroughly corrupt. No charge will ever be levied against him for his corruption as long as Republicans hold more than 1/3 of the US Senate.

David G. Savage: Los Angeles Times reported about Justice Thomas’ gifts 20 years ago. After that he stopped disclosing them

#clarencethomas #ussupremecourt #corruption #GOP

I want to see his license to practice medicine.

Well, if you absolutely must categorize people along some dimension, this is much more meaningful and useful than race.

Should Justice Thomas be removed from the Supreme Court?
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🎆 🎉 🥳 TIME TO CELEBRATE! 🥳 🎉 🎆


MAGA: “I’m switching to Coors Light.”

Coors Light: “The fuck you are.”

#EAS for Custer: Weatherford Fire Department: WILD LAND FIRE EMERGENCY located at 5 Miles west of Weatherford in the area of N2340 to N2389 and East 980 to East 1020 rd moving rapidly ENE. Wild land fires can cause injury/death, burn down homes/other structures. If you are receiving this message EVACUATE NOW. Do not delay to pack belongings. Source: Oklahoma Emergency Management** DO NOT RELY ON THIS FEED FOR LIFE SAFETY, SEEK OUT OFFICIAL SOURCES ***


Via Brian Tyler Cohen

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, Eric Trump, and Donald Trump Jr. have all posted photos of the judge’s daughter on social media. My God.

Compare that daguerreotype with this recent movie, from the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope, showing the highest-resolution images of our Sun ever produced. Some of the details are only about 20 miles across.


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