This poll will give a much better understanding of society. Please boost to get the numbers up. TIA

@skanman do you have to name the law to be repealed immediately upon choosing that option, or can you save it as a "Get out of legislation free" card to be used at a later time

@Grandtheftautism oooh good question, if the one law could be changed at any time, it would also be irreversible and apply to all. Hope that gives you some context. 😁

@skanman I'm stuck between the last two. Of course, infinite self-control would only benefit me, whereas I could use the change of law to benefit many...3 of the 4 choices are selfish choices, only the law change is potentially altruistic. Although even the law change choice could be used in pure self-interest as well. It's a great question for sure.

@skanman What is infinite self control?
Control things that are also manipulated from the outside, as in not burning up when you are put on a grill?
Or just absolute control of thoughts and body functions, until the body is destroyed too far to physically be able to do what your control mandates?
Does it come with the capacity to understand and manage? Sure, nice if i can specifically mute every pain i receive, set heart rate, and so on, but i would say that kind of control would not be in the normal human ability to control in parallel.

@admitsWrongIfProven well that's the fun part about infinite self control isn't it? it can be quite expansive, however I mean in a mental capacity. It would make you immune from distraction or deviation. The human mine is extremely powerful, but our ability to multitask and/or process large input can make our thinking erratic. I would say you would have unmatched amounts of focus and will. You might not have the ability to mute pain, but you would have the ability to ignore it completely without it bothering you. To my knowledge, some physical control of the body is manageable via mental choice, so it's quite likely you could learn them much faster than everyone else, but not just have the ability immediately. As far as not burning up on the grill, you'd physically burn just like anything else would. But perhaps you'd have the focus to genetically reengineer yourself into something more than human. The potential is endless, but if someone has no goals in life, they wouldn't be affected at all. If someone has selfish goals they'd probably be amplified into a super villain. Fears are another thing that could be muted. They say love isn't logical, well it could if you wanted it to be. You could feel absolute elation or rage or sadness or nothing at all emotionally 24 hours a day. Most people practice the self control of taming their emotions, you could turn them on or off by choice. This would kill some people. I would probably be one of those people. 🤣

@skanman Hmm, quite a bit of randomness involved it seems - i guess then the "take a little bit now", the option generally for unwise people, would be best... wo knows what that "work" entails!

@admitsWrongIfProven You're probably right, I've got a problem with arrogance, and thinking about the long term results of each of these is kind of humbling no matter the choice. You have any idea of how to reduce arrogance?

@skanman Idk if it's with arrogance. To me it seems ambiguity is the problem, but it's hard to reduce without so much text people might not want to participate because too much to read.
In the end, i guess actual science takes effort.
Maybe less answers, but clearer in consequence. Then repeat for different aspects (like now/later or money/ability)?

@admitsWrongIfProven Damn what a great observation!

Clarity is for sure a major issue these days, everyone wants fast food knowledge, and if it's missing stuff, that unintentionally creates a bias. This is a heavy reflection of our world today isn't it?

Repeating on the different aspects is what makes sociology so complex. Hard job.

Trust me that I'm arrogant 😂. I think that it's a result that I don't make close personal friends, and people individually are absolutely amazing and interesting. But people in large numbers generally suck. 🤣 So my perspective is limited to watching what all these large groups are doing from a distance.

@skanman Sociology... right...
I deal with incomplete requirements day to day, so it was kinda the usual thing for me: "Yeah, you have a vision, flashy ideas, but did you think about what happens when 1., 2., 3., ...?"

Don't let this discourage you. It is normal, no idea is usable in its initial state. Iterate a few times, it will get better.

Or you could decide it is too much effort for your "budget". That would be rapid descoping, as we in software development call it...

You may be arrogant, but can you hold a candle to me? Oh well, that's another question to be refined ;-)

The people in large numbers, yeah. Well known phenomenon, even men in black said it ^^

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