My ongoing side project. It looks like IPFS Drive, which I just learned about it this morning.

Anyway, this is an ongoing project focusing on storing data using Merkle DAG, but unlike IPFS, you can save data in a centralized way, like your own drive, AWS S3, or some other storage backend.

Using Merkle DAG might help me reduce the duplications and potentially save me some storage costs when I store 40TB of video files into S3. Some files might accidentally share the same piece. Thus, I can save space. It also can be helpful when dealing with backups. When most files are not changed, you can backup them incrementally.

This is an ongoing project, and I'm not sure if everything I implemented for now is correct. So... Feel free to have a look and submit issues and PRs.

I never thought "A single man" is about gay content.

I watched the first 20 mins and somehow feel uncomfortable about those male body close-ups.

Don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying a male loving another male is unacceptable/bad/wrong/something, no, totally not. For me, I think it's their own choice to love, no matter he/she/it, I will never say it's wrong/bad to love someone. I'm just, maybe I'm just not evolved enough to accept those advanced and pure love.

Anyway, Colin Firth is a good actor, I can feel the details and the slightest moods from his face. But I really cannot physiologically enjoy it.

It's my bad, I have already requested a refund.

Happy coding, happy meal, happy movie, and happy life.

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Patema inverted

The king's speech
Colin Firth.

A single man

The day after tomorrow:
Liz and the blue bird.

That's my plan. No one can ruin my day with those movies.

I noticed my Razer Blade 15 Advanced (early 2021) is listed in the full Linux support List. Also, the OpenSUSE is officially supported by Razer. You know what I'm going to do.

A few days ago, the Chinese government defined all cryptocurrency-related businesses are illegal in China.

As a Chinese developer who just got curious about blockchain technology and started doing a blockchain project, this is not my first day being a Chinese person. Still, every time the Chinese government can always fuck me up in an unpredictable way.


Linux built a 96TB NVMe NAS for his blue ray disk collection.

I guess I need one too.
*Wait for a sponsor*




霧雨 浮世  
愿你的灵魂飞往那没有病痛和极权的理想之乡 再见了,我的朋友。 等我走完这一世的苦旅,希望你能在彼岸与我再次相会

Tried Spotify today.

It's much better than foobar200 with local file storage. But I noticed some titles (songs) are gray, looks like I need some way to make them *persistent*

lost a keycap during the washing

And a replacement cost me 40CNY + 20 for shipping (10usd in total)

Thankfully that's not valuable business data. But that's still my precious memories in the past 10 years. Shame on me for not making a backup for those data.

Anyway, I'll start moving now, by building a NAS. I think the HPE microserver might be a good choice.

Never thought IBM (SoftLayer, actually) would prompt me to build a NAS.

I guess it’s pretty hard to negotiate/talk to big companies as an individual person. My IBM Cloud account has been deactivated by their verificatio...

I guess it’s pretty hard to negotiate/talk to big companies as an individual person.

My IBM Cloud account has been deactivated by their verification team for no obvious reason. Right after I moved all data to their cloud object storage, I found out that will offers a better price than google drive.

Now my account has been deactivated, and I cannot access data. I send a bunch of emails to the sales team, the verification team, to ask about my data. Surprisingly nobody replies to me. The only reply I got is:


We have reviewed your account/transaction and will not be able to offer services.

No further information will be disclosed regarding this matter.

IBM Cloud

Good job, SoftLayer. :ablobheadshake:

Recent activities.

I sincerely hope that I can choose something like IBM cloud to host my app, rather than blockchain contact.

But if you have to deal with zero-trust things, then I guess that's the only way to go. At least you have to trust IBM before you order their super expensive hyper secured server. But for blockchain, you can only trust the math (and a reliable network).

Neo N3 is the most developer friendly blockchain, but it still has a long way to go.

Making a real world blockchain application is much harder than get a excellence award in Hackathon.

A Japanese Master Craftsman Taught Me To Make Senko Hanabi Fireworks

When I was young, and when Beijing was allowed to set off fireworks, I can remember a type of firework made from iron powder and oxidant, it will spark when set off, that spark came from the burning iron powder.

I saw that sparkler multiple times in Japanese animations, which are held inverted, and never realized they are a unique type of firework, until that Youtube video.

That is very ingenious.

Scent of a woman

Last time, also the first time I watched it is 4 years ago, I was 17 and not expect that much of unexpected words, but the end of the movie still makes me excited.

4 years later I watched it again, but still not understanding too much. I can get the story, a story about two men. There are rich detials in this movie, like the change of Slade's react to his grandchildren, those are making this movie vivid.

But for some detials, like after they drove the Ferrari, Slade across the street, i didn't quite understand why he must do that.

Maybe I'd watch again after another 4 years.

Also I don't know why the second pic is reversed, weird.

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