Just knowing "Abortion" is banned in Minecraft chat. And Microsoft think "teabag" is offensive and you can't type it in the bedrock edition.

It's a shame that Microsoft and Mojang doesn't have a mastodon account, so I can @ them and f*ck them in their face. (But I do did that on twitter LOL)

If the reporting system is included in the next java edition release, then I'll quit Minecraft. This game is dying. A block game does not need any censorship.

Weathering with you.

I was a fan of Makoto Shinkai, until that's too hurt to enjoy the emotion in the anime/movie/film: China is such a hard place to be myself. There are a lot of unspeakable rules to bend you, it might be very bad to not follow them.

I didn't give up (kind of, I mean, as a kid, without a gun, can't manipulate the weather, unlike the character in the movie, I was just a plain ordinary kid, what do you expect from me?), and will not give up in the future, it will be hard, but worth it. People only live once, and I shall not die with regret.

I might watch too many anime, but Kurzgesagt in Japanese really feels like I'm watching a short anime :D

Have a try:



Picked up my "relative in law" from the hospital, and managed to finish all other things.

Now I can switch to my normal life : )

Changed my profile image.

A cat face scanned from a book I read:

I Am a Cat, by Natsume Kinnosuke.

The smell of mud. Makes me so relaxed. It reminds me the home, when I was young and scared by the thunder, the good old afternoon I have with my parents. Now I'm not fear thunder anymore (but still get scared if my laptop and Nas don't have a proper ground connection), but I do miss that time, when I don't have things I must/have to do, and just stay with my parents, relax and happy.

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And... At least it's raining now.

The rain I have been waiting for whole day.

I like raining.

(The forecast said it will be raining at 5pm, now it's 2am. Good job weather forecast 🙃)

Also, I'm trying to figure out a way to use AWS S3 Deep archive to backup my data.

Restic can automatically dedup by chopping files into chunks and it support S3. However, it doesn't support deep archive tier.

I have implemented the chunking parts, but not sure how I'm going to recover the archived files. Like what operations need user to do, what parameter is needed. I'm targeting AWS S3 specifically, so no need to worry about other backends.

I'm so tired to speak my thoughts in English or in Chinese. So I just fuck them.

Dragging by the reality and not being able to post a single message here. I'm really tired, both my mind and my body.

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Heartbeat post, to indicate I'm still alive and the account is still in use.

Watched Scent of a woman again.

Lying on my bed, I got a similar feeling with Slade: I'm so tired.

Fuck Chinese government's covid policy.
And fuck Supreme Court of the United States.

Living as a Human is hard, I mean, you can enjoy the happyness which other animals can't enjoy, so you have to take the sadness which other animals also can't bear, that's the balance. And the responsibility of being a Human. (Not saying human is how advance, but I mean people should have integrity, not being selfish, and not persecute others.)



Just learnt the quad tree, for 2D searching.

That's interesting. Using trees are improved a lot (compared to searching in a list).

Now I have to find out how to use this type of tree to detect circle edge collision.

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