I mean, the heavy lift is done by onnx and yolo, I just invoke them and copy files based on the result.

But still, it's exciting to see my code actually working. BTW I'm using kotlin/jvm. So no python nonsense.

YOLOv8 detect birds in video clips.

I think the main issue of this toot is I use the default 640x480 resolution, which makes the picture too small to distinguish the details. Running on 1080P natively does cost a lot of RAM and time, but it can tell it's a bird very quickly and confidently.
QT: qoto.org/@skyblond/11244592493

I2P 2.5.2 is now available in all formats.

The best result I can get with my laptop RTX 3070 8GB is 1.85 FPS, processing 1920x1088 videos, yolov8x

Maybe I should try the smaller model?

Tonight I'm going to stay up late writing code and squeezing the last bit of performance out of my poor graphics card as much as I can. I DONT need to go to bed early, I DONT need to live a healthy life, I NEED to satisfy my curiosity, and I want to see my code run correctly. Healthy living is like God and angels, they only come out when you're dead; and my curiosity, it's the real Mephistopheles. He brings me the true satisfaction and joy.

*that me desperately trying to make my code work*

I recently changed to openSUSE tumbleweed on my gamin PC after using EndeavourOS for a year.
I can say that Tumbleweed works much better than Endeavour, I've had no problems running any games under proton compared to when I used Endeavor.

Good to see my first linux distro still being the best

Please reboost!

Trying something new, everyone is guaranteed an interview! Open interviews! For a limited time no one will be skipped (except for clear cases of abuse).

So we still have about 10 more 100% remote positions to hire for full-time market-fair positions here at QOTO/CleverThis.

100% remote, work from anywhere, even the beach, market-fair offers. Ethics first, we treat our people like family.

We have an urgent need for Machine learning experts with a background in NLP and Deep Learning (Natural Language Processing and Neural Networks). There is a focus on Knowledge Graphs, Mathematics, Java, C, looking for Polyglots.

We are an open-source first company, we give back heavily to the OSS community.

We need everything from jr to sr, data scientist to programmer. If your IT and your good, you might be a fit.

I will personally be both your direct boss, and hiring manager. I am also the founder and inventor.

The NLP position can be found at this link, other positions can be found on the menu bar on the left:


If you would like to submit yourself for an interview, which for a limited time I am guaranteeing you will get a first stage interview, then you can submit your application here, and even schedule your interview as you apply, instantly!


For those of you who cant schedule during core hours you can schedule in my free time if you’d like a chance (the company doesnt have fixed hours):


I2P 2.5.2 has been released. It includes fixing a bug introduced in 2.5.0 causing truncation of some HTTP content, also an update rrd4j to 3.9.1-preview in the console, and a bug fix for tunnel selection of peers with expired RIs:

OMG it's working!!!

ONNX runtime for java with kotlin.
Using FFmpeg to read videos.

OpenCV can give boxes when using CPU, but somehow the boxes are all zero if running on CUDA.

The ORT is much better than OpenCV. I love onnx :)

更新了一下 AUP ,强调了我们对用户数据的看法,真心祝福每一个骗取用户信任、盗取用户数据来盈利的垃圾平台早日和它们英年早逝的良心合葬在一起。 


4. 我们仅被您授予有条件限制的存储与分发权;不被授予且拒绝接受任何使用您的信息进行盈利的行为:包括但不仅限于某些无良平台盗用用户数据进行商业化机器学习模型训练、将用户数据泄露给非必要的第三方机构等等。

数据安全是平台信任的基础,如果数据安全无法被保证,那么平台信任更无从谈起。确实从 Fediverse 的开放性设计上来讲,这种数据保护也不过是一厢情愿的自娱自乐,要作恶的随便起一个实例就能自动获得涌入的数据;但我们的态度是至少从我们能做的细微之处做起,用心呵护好每一位用户愿意托付给我们的信任,虽远远称不上是理想国,但至少也要是一方能稍微脱离一会现实污浊桎梏的净土。

What? It's 2024 and my browser can't hold 55 tabs?

Everytime I switch back to the browser window I can feel there is a 3 to 5 seconds of freezing before I can click on the webpage. But my swap is empty and ram is sufficient, I don't see why it freezes.

Don't know why but yolov8 gives me 0 bounding box with opencv dnn.

Wondering why opencv keeps complaining about layer[0] has empty output.

Waste 30 minutes on it and find out I forgot to set the input.

I2P 2.5.2 now available for in-net updates only. Other packaging to follow. Launchpad build queue is very backlogged.

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