My profile image is actually generated by stable diffusion.
How AI Image Generators Work (Stable Diffusion / Dall-E) - Computerphile

Splatoon 3

Fun: 10/10,
Easy to get hands-on: 10/10,
Failed to connect: 10/10.

OMG, What am I looking at?

A RISC-V simulator implemented in *PURE* java!

And there is a Minecraft mod where you can run Linux in Minecraft.


I always trust openSUSE and some other distros (not Arch) to bring the second life to my old laptops. And I have to f*ck nvidia everytime during the post-installation setup. openSUSE makes life easier, but still:

"nvidia, Fuck you" -- said by Linus Torvalds.


Buying a Chromebook was a BIG MISTAKE



If Masterchef was Asian | Steven He, Joma Tech, Jeenie Weenie, Twosetviolin



​再对比刘强东此前拒绝多家正规媒体去现场视频/语音直播庭审,大家就知道刘强东不希望正式庭审的信息被负责任传播,而只想要一再转移公众视线了。以前是造谣Jingyao, 现在是拿章泽天二胎来宣传自己家庭幸福,无论如何就是不让大家去讨论案情,回到案件本身。



今天技术人员上门看了以后说我们猫上的线没有拧紧…导致我们家网很慢,真是显而易见的问题… :0010: 可能是之前的线头不好于是把头掐了重新装了个头死死插进去搞定了,现在家里网速爆快。还有俩月到期了一定要好好用起来!

下班以后再打sports是不是就不会掉帧了! :ablobcall:

温馨小提示大家有网络问题多多利用供应商免费资源和检查容易忽略的小问题 :ablobblewobble:

Ok, I'm done with Minecraft modding.

Now let's try creating a filesystem for Windows using Java.

I noticed both dokan and jnr-fuse. Seems like the later one has a better performance and a less c style document.

Got a really bad news today. A pair of Chinese parents try to kill thier MtF child, and the stupid police thought that's family internal dispute, and didn't apply any protection measures on that child even there are injuries on the child, and the police even threats the child's friend to not focus on this otherwise they will arrest him.

There was a moment, I felt a great amount of fear and anger towards that parents, police, and this whole country. I can't help the child and his/her friend, I can't even leave this sh*t country (mainly because my parents' health status). I do have thought that I want to change the situation and possibly make China a better society, but seems too hard for now. Now my mind is super messy. I think I would prepare for the future, seeking a chance to either move to another country, leave this sh*t environment, or start a revolution in China. The latter one is highly unlikely, but I got the ambition.

Now his/her friend is trying to gether some public notice on the internet and will try his best to save the child.

But still, I'm feared to know what would happened tomorrow. What a fucking country.

And generally, it is not recommended to use mixin if fabric API has already covered your need. So I have to find out what fabric API has covered.

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