@soum Hello Soum. Good morning on my timezone. Snow in the ground already! πŸ˜ƒ

@design_RG I was living in Long Island,New York for 5 years.I know what you mean:P ..but I miss that time.It had its own charm :)

@soum Ah, cool; the climate there is about the same as we have here, although NY was much warmer yesterday. About 20 cm of snow in the driveway, shoveling on the program soon.

@design_RG Ah!! I miss all this.India is hot as hell.Snow day was my fav day!ofcourse I wasnt responsible to clean the drive way :)

@soum Kids love snow days! :) We couldn't count on them, and it was a blessing when one was confirmed -- sometimes with a 6 am phone call. Gratefully enjoyed a freedom day, I used to be a teacher, now retired.

@design_RG when I was in Grad school,we would wish for a snow storm:P

@freemo just finished watching"The Devil next door" on Netflix.If you like documentaries on war,then I would recommend it.

@soum I wish i had time to watch something and give it my attention.

I have the harry potter series playing in the background while i work for the millionth time though, lol.

@akash I am doing an online course.So it gets boring.

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