OpenSUSE Tumbleweed

One of my favorite distributions. It is characterized by the continuity of the release, however, different from, for example, Arch. Updates are frequent but collective, i.e. not individual packages but sets that first undergo quality control. As a result, despite being a continuous distribution, it is very stable and security-oriented.
There is a large amount of software in the repository and in addition you can use the benefits of OBS .
The system is recommended for people more familiar with it, rather than for those new to GNU/Linux.
OpenSUSE uses rpm packages, as a curiosity you can write that it can use Fedora Corp. repositories.
This distribution originated in Germany, once only and exclusively paid at some stage spoiled its reputation with a deal with Microsoft.
OpenSUSE is indirectly related to the commercial distribution SUSE, which is used in Poland by e.g. LOT or Sokołów.
The user base is large, also there is a Matrix server available, where in numerous rooms there is always something going on.

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