Israel is again bombing the Gaza Strip, primarily civilians.

No one sees it.

Już za kilka godzin gramy z Francą... Tzn Francją. 😅

Interview: Microsoft wollte nichts von Linux und Open-Source-Software wissen | heise online

Bill Hilf baute das Linux- und Open-Source-Labor von Microsoft auf. Mit c’t sprach er über die Skepsis und Hindernisse bei Microsoft gegenüber Open Source.

Organic Maps is available in AppStore, Google Play, FDroid, and Huawei AppGallery. It is possible to use a desktop Linux version from Flathub or build it yourself for Mac. Please let us know if you are interested in the Windows version.

With your support and donations, we can make the best, safest, and fastest maps in the World!

More details about the latest updates are available on our website:

Hi. ARDC is a private foundation that promotes and supports amateur radio. One of the ways we do this is by administering 44Net, the block of internet addresses assigned to amateur radio. We also award grants to clubs and other organizations for projects that support and promote amateur radio. For more information, please visit our website:

Please feel free to get in touch with me directly, too. I'm Dan, KB6NU, Communications Manager for ARDC.


Poland wins against Saudi Arabia. Nerves but positive. Wednesday's match against Argentina :D

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed

One of my favorite distributions. It is characterized by the continuity of the release, however, different from, for example, Arch. Updates are frequent but collective, i.e. not individual packages but sets that first undergo quality control. As a result, despite being a continuous distribution, it is very stable and security-oriented.
There is a large amount of software in the repository and in addition you can use the benefits of OBS .
The system is recommended for people more familiar with it, rather than for those new to GNU/Linux.
OpenSUSE uses rpm packages, as a curiosity you can write that it can use Fedora Corp. repositories.
This distribution originated in Germany, once only and exclusively paid at some stage spoiled its reputation with a deal with Microsoft.
OpenSUSE is indirectly related to the commercial distribution SUSE, which is used in Poland by e.g. LOT or Sokołów.
The user base is large, also there is a Matrix server available, where in numerous rooms there is always something going on.

After hearing some feedback,a nd wanting to be fair in my representation, I have change the title of the article. It is now:

Eugen Rochko, CEO of Mastodon, Caves to Nazi’s Agenda

I think we can all agree thats a more faithful title.

🎓 Dr. Freemo :jpf: 🇳🇱  
Sp I wrote a pretty lengthy blog post entitled: Eugen Rochko, CEO of Mastodon, Found to Support Nazi’s Agenda Sadly I wish it was clickbait. You ...


Do you have a lot of time on your hands? Are you bored? Do you want to learn something?

Well, you are invited to:

Learn the Morse alphabet :D


Cqrlog which is one of the best and most customizable logs available for people spending a lot of time at the radio station under GNU/Linux. Constantly developed and improved though to have all the new features you have to use the git version ( ).


In GNU/Linux in the console, the easiest way to copy and paste text is (as long as we are mouse advocates, of course) to select the text and then at the target location simply press the middle mouse button. And that's it.

The or Workout Apps for Android :

1. FitoTrack -
2. Opentracks -
3. Trail Sense -

Bonus meaning step counting :
A1. Paseo -

And as I will always urge , less diet more movement.

You know what. In truth, I haven't written anything specific about myself here yet.
Everyone only associates me as a boor with strange views who plays with ham radio and photography.
And who am I? A boor who plays with ham radio and photography ;) By the way, it pisses me off how people non-stop complain about everything although they have more than someone else will ever have. Constantly complaining is our Polish national pride I guess. Everyone tries to prove either that they are worse off than anyone else, or that they are better off than anyone else. And me, I've learned to not give a damn and live my own life, even though it's not colorful. My wife and I are raising 4 children, including 3 with disabilities. On rehabilitation alone I spent so much money that I could buy myself a house, and yet the man going into debt has made the kids no different from their peers. Little sleep, zero time for myself, zero money just non-stop thinking about the kids. My wife couldn't work because she had to be with them non-stop, I was tyrannizing for a family of 6. From the state zero help well because, after all, they have arms and legs then they do not need all-day care. We managed, we live, we move forward. Debts may be able to pay off. Because, after all, you can count on yourself.
Yes I had a lot of radios, apparatuses, etc. everything in total was sold to cover the cost of rehabilitation and life. So please stop saying that you are bad because someone on the Internet insulted you. Life is not light, but you have to go forward all the time, whatever it takes.... With your head up and sometimes against everything.
So much for me and a request to you, just live, smile and move forward. Despite the problems that seem big to you and are trivial to others.
Because life will never be the way you hoped it would be, doesn't mean it will be better or worse just.... different. :)

Another Update to openSUSE for #PinePhone:
RT @hadrianweb
Time to travel by train to Madrid, I will take advantage of the time to test the latest changes in @opensuse
- Phosh 0.22.0
- Phosh mobile settings 0.22.0
- Feedbackd 0.0.1
- Squeekboard 1.20.0
- Mobile-config-firefox 3.1.0

@thepine64 @pine64eu @linmobblog

If you believe in freedom of speech, then you believe in freedom to voice views you don't like. Goebbels was in favor of freedom to voice views he liked. So was Stalin. And if you are in favor of freedom of speech, that means you are in favor of the freedom to voice exactly the views you hate.

It cannot be said that this camera is outstanding. However, it is sometimes the case that we like something despite a million flaws. ;)