@stardust Neat! I've been using Vivaldi for years too, and it's been the most stable and feature rich browser so far. I knew there were more reasons to like it!

“We're speaking out: Vivaldi is a "no go" on crypto.

Vivaldi CEO @jonsvt [1] takes a clear stance on cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Read 👉 vivaldi.com/blog/why-vivaldi-w
” —twitter.com/vivaldibrowser/sta.

My goodness, I love Vivaldi browser so hard. Been using them for years; they blew me away from the start, and they continue to do so.

“The essence of greatness is the perception that virtue is enough.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 – 1882)

Therefore: “Shut up and take my money!”

PS I'm not affiliated with Vivaldi, I just think they deserve all the donations they get since they didn't succumb to an immoral cash grab.

@vivaldibrowserbot @vivaldibrowser
[1] Jon von Tetzchner: twitter.com/jonsvt.

Thanks @kev for writing “The Web Is Fucked” [1]. Indeed it is. I linked it on my similar article “Web4 should run on LaTeX” [2].

[1] thewebisfucked.com.
[2] cynicusrex.com/file/web4.html.

WOMBO's AI generative art is fantastic, but it's incredibly disappointing that they fell for Web3's greed-inducing, societal- and environmental-destroying hypercapitalistic narrative:


Web4 should run on LaTeX.
The World Wide Web is broken: it is dominated by a handful of websites, nearly everything is financed by ads, bloated tech needlessly slows down surfing, NFTs and blockchain are digital cancer, et cetera. Stop it. Just stop it.


“The Corporation is a satisfyingly dense, thought-provoking rebuttal to some of capitalism's central arguments.” —rottentomatoes.com

The top comment:
“I pretty much knew all of this, but i watched to maintain my depression level in case I accidentally got happy.”


@Firaas An extremely archaic education system is definitely part of it. Producing decent doctors and scientists is important, but learning how to live and what is worth living for should be central: more philosophy. Now we're predominantly manufacturing cogs for the machine.

Then there's this: mastery based learning > test scores:

Fact vs. fake - why don’t we trust science any more? | DW Documentary:

Decent documentary. As expected, profit is the ruiner of all.

I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

@jiyuu@fosstodon.org It's sad that this is true.

RT @bodil
So many takes today on how severely a WhatsApp outage affects the developing world where the conclusion is "therefore you're a bad person if you want Facebook gone" rather than "how did we let so much essential infrastructure fall into the hands of the worst people possible?"

“Einstein struck a more serious pose when he addressed the Caltech student body near the end of his stay. His sermon, grounded in his humanistic outlook, was on how science had not yet been harnessed to do more good than harm. During war it gave people “the means to poison and mutilate one another,” and in peacetime it “has made our lives hurried and uncertain.” Instead of being a liberating force, “it has enslaved men to machines” by making them work “long wearisome hours mostly without joy in their labor.” Concern for making life better for ordinary humans must be the chief object of science. “Never forget this when you are pondering over your diagrams and equations!”” —Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)


“I deleted my ProtonMail account as soon as they were promoting the bitcon multi-level marketing pyramid Ponzi scheme; people selling out is usually a good sign to get out, looks like I was right.” —reddit.com/r/collapse/comments

“Me and @Chen_Hao have made some progress on visualizing rank 4/5 hyperbolic Coxeter groups. We are happy to announce that there are infinitely many "pseudo Kleinian" fractals, generated from Coxeter groups of rank 5 and level 3. The 12 scenes are all from different groups” —twitter.com/neozhaoliang/statu

I wish people like this, and academics in general, would lead the migration from twitter to Mastodon (@qoto.org).

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