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So many takes today on how severely a WhatsApp outage affects the developing world where the conclusion is "therefore you're a bad person if you want Facebook gone" rather than "how did we let so much essential infrastructure fall into the hands of the worst people possible?"

“Einstein struck a more serious pose when he addressed the Caltech student body near the end of his stay. His sermon, grounded in his humanistic outlook, was on how science had not yet been harnessed to do more good than harm. During war it gave people “the means to poison and mutilate one another,” and in peacetime it “has made our lives hurried and uncertain.” Instead of being a liberating force, “it has enslaved men to machines” by making them work “long wearisome hours mostly without joy in their labor.” Concern for making life better for ordinary humans must be the chief object of science. “Never forget this when you are pondering over your diagrams and equations!”” —Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955)

“Me and @Chen_Hao have made some progress on visualizing rank 4/5 hyperbolic Coxeter groups. We are happy to announce that there are infinitely many "pseudo Kleinian" fractals, generated from Coxeter groups of rank 5 and level 3. The 12 scenes are all from different groups” —twitter.com/neozhaoliang/statu

I wish people like this, and academics in general, would lead the migration from twitter to Mastodon (@qoto.org).

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