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"Evolution of Tree Roots Triggered Series of Devonian Mass Extinctions"

... wait, what!?

So the hypothesis is that rapid plant evolution, and specifically, the fast development of roots massively increased the flow of nutrients (especially phosphorous) from land to the oceans, messing up the ecosystem in the latter (->

This study ( found evidence that supports this hypothesis.

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One of my favourites:

Preventing infections caused by carbapenemase-producing bacteria in the intensive care unit - Think about the sink

“the literature suggests that sinks can and do serve as reservoirs of CPB near critically ill patients, and should be considered hazardous, especially when sub-optimally designed or used.”

Insect that unfairly gives lots of people the willies, but it shouldn't because they are cool and nice. 

Earwigs, folks. No other insect has worse PR than earwigs. This guy doesn't want anything to do with your human ears. He wants to hang out in the soil and eat and be left alone.

#insects #earwigs #soil #wildlife #entomology #uncharismaticmicrofauna

Young Vancouver Island marmots play-fighting in their natural habitat.

This is the only endemic species in British Columbia. This species is listed as endangered. There are less than 300 Vancouver Island marmot living in the mountains on Vancouver Island.

#VancouverIslandWildlife #conservation #VancouverIsland #Wildlife #photography

Take a breath and relax. Breathing May Measurably Modulate Neural Responses Across Brain - Neuroscience News

Stayed at a campsite recently called Paddabilla Bore in the QLD outback. No facilities just a bush site. Loved the atmosphere and the wildlife. The gnarled old trees and their fascinating textures as shown here . The red sands of the outback and a carpet of green plants thanks to recent rains. #redsands #green #bluesky #outback #qld #campsite #travel #rvlife #nature #dustytravelsoz

Former hydroelectric station tunnel approximately under the Table Rock visitor centre at Niagara Falls.

One of the interesting experiments you can do at home with fast fourier transform algorithm (FFT) is figuring out level of water in your domestic water tank by analysing sound frequencies generated by the water going into the tank when filling. you can easily put some sort of microphone on your tap to hear that sound, considering the microphone is sensitive enough. and then by analysing sound spectrum, you can possibly tell a difference between full and empty tank as sound changes throughout the process of filling. just saying.🤔

An interesting take on Mastodon, claiming it intentionally attenuates virality and introduces frictions to negativity:

I'm starting to play around with #simulations using #rstats and the #faux package to get a sense of how many participants I would need to run to achieve a significant effect and replicate some of the famous studies I "grew up with" in graduate school.

The estimated N's are orders of magnitude off from the original papers.

I have learned to uncheck the box for toot layout > crop images to 16 x 9 found in account preferences > appearance to fully enjoy meme and other images:

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