For those who care attached are the screenshots of the nazi who was banned from QOTO some time back and started a hate campaign by pretending to be LGBTQ ally "calling us out" but just made up lies... he did this over the course of many months and ultimately is the source of the problems that snowballed and led to all this to begin with.

I will do a write up on this soon.


@freemo, with your ham radio background, I'll draw the analogy that social media communication patterns, "trigger warnings" included, function like a bunch of superregenerative receivers
[] oversensitive to triggers.
The superregenerative receiver most sensitive to false positives and most indiscriminate when quenching anything that triggers it wins.

If Mike Godwin, of all people, isn't immune to getting distracted from the important context by the superregenerative false trigger bugs du jour in Social Media, nobody is.

That <snow at intermute> guy knows something about superregenerative triggers of which your typical "safe space" admin knows nothing.

And if you want to explain to them why their cancellation policy is faulty, Putt's Law of Insubordination takes effect:
"Rejection of management objectives is undesirable when you are wrong and unforgivable when you are right."
[ — Mandatory reading if you haven't already]

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