I have always loved dissonance in art. Especially music, but also other media and experiences.

My love for chaos comes from early punk years and rebelling any chance I had. Anarchy and activism, piercings and hair glue, finding stupid reasons to run from authority in a small college town. I held on to these internal desires to thrash, rebel, destroy, and rebuild.

While I'm often much more reserved, soft, and easy going than that past life, I like to think I find my own ways to rebel.

One thing that many people don't see from the outside about the punk community is kindness. That kindness is something I carry with me more than my desire to destroy. I know friends I haven't spoken to in 20 years that I could call up for a couch to surf tonight - the same guys that I slept 6 to a bedroom with (not because we had to as much as we said we did, but because of the camaraderie.) A few I helped through tough spots, and a few that helped me as well. I think that kindness that I received and still carry is my own kind of rebellion. In an ugly and angry world, kindness is the rebellious act.

I guess I eventually meant to say that kindness is sometimes dissonant, and that's it my favorite kind of dissonant experience.

Beware any free-flowing thought passages. May contain irrelevant personal experiences or nonsensical equivalences.

BTW, it's wicked hard to get a beautiful but passing thought down before it becomes a twisted and tangential mess.

Consider yourself warned.

A quick observation/thought:

It seems that some people cling to law as though it were scripture/morality code. In some cases, I think people can conflate the two. Do you care about a piece of legislature because it's a good idea, positive social contribution, etc..., or simply because it's an existing law?

An animal's joy is overly contagious. They make me feel like a boy again. 🐶🐾

testing different write.freely instances 


Experimenting is needed, not all places offering blog hosting have the same features.

write.as which has a nice video, showing easy fediverse connections, also has a lot of limitations for Free accounts.

The Fediverse instances list for write.freely can be useful -- Although a lot of them are NOT open to registrations, check the rightmost column.


From that page, I looked at a couple of instances, there's one in Canada: fediverse.network/personaljour

...and settled in another one, located in France, under better European Union privacy protection rules. fediverse.network/write.tedomu

This last one, I created a new blog, copied my test post, and did the searching for the account here in Mastodon.

It did work, the account was found. After I published the page there, it showed here as a Toot, which I can click to view (has link to web page hosting) and reply with comments to.

@rgx is my current testing page. Click on the username and it will show a typical Mastodon user page, with stats and toots listed.

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PSA: Someone has apparently typo-squatted a package with a similar name to dateutil on PyPI and is serving malicious code on it!

Please check that you depend on `python-dateutil`, no other variants. (The malicious package is `python3-dateutil`).


Freedom of speech ≠ Right to force others to listen

On #mastodon and #fediverse, a boost = "I love this and would like my circle to see it as well" and a favourite = "I love it and would like to file it away for my personal future reference". This is different from the birdsite where your circle has visibility on your likes.

Boost away folks. Make this platform come alive and hum with energy.

@stux @Gargron @ambassador


Sure, physical switches is the economical design decision, and closed source software switches is the shitty design decision most people actually get. It's nice to dream!

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I think the current and growing interests in privacy and security as we delve deeper into the modern age would lend well to a project like Google's project Ara. Having a phone that you could remove the networking hardware and be truly airgapped would be excellent. Maybe a removable camera/microphone array to go silent when desired? Remove the processor and memory to power off. --

He knows proper password etiquette. Encrypted_🧶🐁🐦-CatZrool5

Also, post apocalypse - everyone is super fit because there are no screens left to look at? Feed shmood.

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Based on my travels today through Indiana and Ohio I can say that our power infrastructure needs some heavy duty work. I counted over 6 small towns with no power.

On the other hand, I saw a heck of a lot more people outside walking around in these areas despite the intense winds. I guess when you lose power you've got to do something to entertain yourself.

My inate sense of mechanics and physics is immediately countered by my clumsiness.

friends don't ask friends to install proprietary software

But would it be wrong to eat flat earthers and antivaxers?

Fair, free, and equal access to information is a Hallmark of democracy. Every barrier put in the way of a population's access should be seen as an attack on civil liberties.

Insurance organizations should not be allowed to deny a medication prescribed by an established physician. The US healthcare system needs significant reform.

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