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Imagine a publicly-circulated newspaper that can stop a minority from reading it. Now imagine is a newspaper run by fundamentalists; white supremacists defending mass shootings or islamists pushing violent jihad or fatwa. They can accuse leaders who oppose them of being pedophiles. If those leaders are part of the minority who can't see the newspaper, they can't defend themselves from these smears and may come under violent attack.

A Block in the verse enables exactly the same thing.


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Note the first two authors have email addresses at major tech corporations; IBM and Microsoft. This "AI" licensing strategy is an attempt by tech corporations to maintain exclusive control of MOLE software, while pretending to be sort of, kind of, "Open Source".

But the usage restrictions are incompatible with the Open Source Definition:

They also violate Freedom 0:

Make no mistake, like all Ethical Source licenses, these are proprietary.

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@andrewrk one of the reasons that I think Zig is successful is how good you are at diplomatically telling people "no", and keeping Zig on task. A project like Zig needs a clear vision and a decisive leader. I personally think you have done a wonderful job, not just with language building, but community building as well.


I am thankful for the optimists of the world.

I understand that skepticism is appropriate and warranted, distrust and wariness are healthy.

But it's because of the tiny percent of people who are optimistic enough to donate money that I can work on Zig full-time instead of slaving away at a soulless corporation.

@I_am_the_Carl @jvillasante Zig is an alternate world where you replace the preprocessor, templates, and many other features with comptile-time evaluation (types are values at comptime) and providing more detailed pointer types than C provides. Zig isn't trying to be Rust at all and a comparison with rust doesn't really make sense as Zig doesn't shy away from that which would be considered unsafe in Rust. There's also a greater focus on memory layout, explicit allocation, and avoiding allocation

Techbros: self driving cars are inevitable!

Also techbros: prove you are human by performing a task that computers can’t do, like identifying traffic lights.


Capitalust (n.): An insatiable desire to accumulate wealth.

Tired - Complaining about Hashtag Games
Wired - Muting the hashtag because that takes way less clicks and solves the problem

As with crypto and BlockChain stuff, beware of geeks bearing grifts.


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"Slow is smooth. And smooth is fast."
A friend of mine who loved skiing first told me this.
Later, I heard it in the context of shooting.
I believe it applies in my job as a computer programmer, too.
I imagine it applies in many contexts.
If you can't take the time to do things well, you'll be too busy dealing with problems of your own making to get much done.
Haste will only slow you down.

My Project Manager: "Umm, hi. Say, can I ask you a question?"

Me: "That was already a question."

My PM: "Ha, ha. Can I ask another one?"

Me: "You just did."

Recently got into a political disagreement here and someone blocked me. All good, part of the course and so on. But now i can't see that thread anymore, not even my own writings.
That seems wrong. Shouldn't blocks be effective for the future and not affect previous interactions? I didn't block, didn't choose not to see the discussion. It's fair that people choose not to interact anymore but seems wrong that people can take away conversations from other people when they block.

I suspect if there was an evidence-based comparison of the health effects of inhaling vape juice with nicotine vs. drinking sugar juice with caffeine ("energy drinks", "sports" drinks etc), you'd find evidence that they're similarly addictive, but that the sugary drink is much more harmful to health. So where's the campaign against selling those near schools? Where's the policy proposal to limit require a license to sell caffeinated sugar drinks, or limit the number of outlets?

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If you care about avoid storing your data in the cloud, you should care about not storing your financial data in the cloud either.
#selfhosted #monero #zcash #crypto

@geography @shakthimaan I completely agree, and just FWIW I'm a contributor to #MirageOS and have a moral (and won't sell out to military). And I've no interest in space. Ooo finally, this is exciting! I'm immediately slightly worried it doesn't mention ForgeFed or Codeberg in anyway - I hope it doesn't mean there are no interop discussions heavily going in the background. Using ActivityPub doesn't automatically mean interop.

I wrote the damn wiki software and now I no longer remember what I wanted to put on the wiki. 😭

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