For today's computer class, we put some of our command line knowledge to use by organizing our ~/Downloads directory.

Normally, we use Midnight Commander to manage files, but today we used ls, cd, mv, and rm to move around and manipulate files.

To examine files, we used feh, unzip, file, less, and locate.

We learned a technique for safely using the rm command with wildcards. First issue the ls command with the wildcards, examine the output, and if it looks okay, visit the previous command in your history (up arrow or C-p) and replace "ls" with "rm".

We also did a little experimenting with the animate (ImageMagick) command to view animated .gif files.

@thalweg That little trick with ls -> rm isn't a bad one, I should remember that. But I usually just use Midnight Commander as well, I'm a very visual type of person. :)

@trinsec I love midnight commander.

BTW, this technique is applicable to other situations too. Like with SQL queries, SELECT before UPDATE.

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