Continuing with my recent kick, I've been deleting the last 20+ years of digital photos from Google Photos. This was my final repository of unencrypted private data in the cloud.

It turned out to be quite a project, since Google doesn't provide a straightforward way to bulk delete photos. I ended up using this script:

It's been running for days. I think it will finish today.

They probably still have your photos, but want you to think they're deleted. Sort of like how Android's tracking service is still on even if you turn it off.

@thalweg Congrats. 20yrs oh my! If you find a way of sorting them (deleting>nostaglia) then do let me know as photos can be somewhat a liability (apart from those handful that could summerise 1 day)

@freeschool What I do now is sort the photos once a month into galleries like this:

YYYY/YYYY-MM [name]/

That makes it really easy to get an quick overview of a large number of photos.

When I get a beefier server for my LAN, I plan on trying out some photo management software (like Piwigo), but I'll never rely solely on image metadata to organize my photos again.

@thalweg Even beefier? :)

So the only remaining thought was if the deleting process - it could be easier like super fast - actually going through stuff and really quickly doing it

just pressing delete seems easy but not for lots of files

could be replaced by 'marking' for deletion by clicking twice or something and then deleting at the end
otherwise it's a bit stop / start to delete, view, delete view...
thinking of android you can quite fast tick the bottom 'film reel' type thing and delete at the end - this kind of point and click or touching pics I like the ide of and then deleting at the end would keep it really fast...
ok may it exist but apart from android a dekstop version?

@freeschool Beefier, compared to my current Raspberry Pi 4 :)

You probably take more photos than I do, but for me it's easy enough to just hit Delete (no confirmation). I use my desktop for this.

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